Essay on Dimensions of Product and Service Quality

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Date:  2022-04-07


Customers will always consider buying quality products and services. Many customers will assume that valuable products are of high quality. In many times these are just mere assumptions. Quality refers to how well do the product or service conforms to user requirements. Quality merely is how fit is the product for use by the consumer. Some of the quality dimension include; performance of the product, product features, reliability of the product, serviceability, and different consumer perception (Lehtinen, 1982). Products lifetime refers to the period that the product is in use from the time it was bought up to the time it will be disposed of. Products lifetime varies depending on its usage. The public service vehicle will be disposed within a short period compared to private cars.

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The product or service should work as per the manufactures descriptions. Product performance influences tomorrow consumer behavior. The second quality dimension is about the product features. Does the said product possess all the characteristics specified by the manufacturer which will enable to deliver? Consumers will also consider the reliability of the product or service (Solomon, 2013). How consistent will the product perform within the manufactures specifications?

Reliability contributes the significant portion of company's image. Customers will also consider the durability of the product. How long will they benefit from the product and under what conditions? Most of the time durability of a product will depend on its usage. Private vehicle lasts longer than the public service vehicles. Everybody is more pleased with products which require minimal or no serviceability. Maintenance and repair cost is of great concern when consumers are making buying decisions.

Conformance as a dimension of quality allows the consumer to know whether the service or product in question adheres to the manufactures specifications. Manufacturers' products should resemble the sample presented earlier to the customer.

Different consumers have different perceptions of different company's products and brands. A product will possess dimension, but some consumer will have a positive attitude while others will have a negative opinion (Lehtinen, 1982). For example, reduced installation of communication equipment in some parts makes some consumers prefer them of poor quality while others prefer the same product as the best quality. Customers will always purchase quality products.

Customers are involved in daily purchases of different products from many companies across the world. For example, when deciding to buy a television, buyers will have several factors to consider. Many customers will buy their products from the famous suppliers worldwide. Many customers associate these manufacturers with quality. Several people will purchase Samsung electronics. Samsung offers a wide selection of electronic devices. There are televisions suitable for all social classes. This is determined by a wide disparity of their prices and sizes. This has enabled Samsung company to strive in the competitive electronic market regardless of it's the value of its products.

Samsung televisions are easy to install and portable. With the current technological advancement which has brought about the flat screens, Samsung televisions are very light thus suitable for transportation. Most of Samsung electronics are flexible thus they can accommodate future technological advancement. The quality of the materials used to make these televisions make them last for long. Samsung television can serve for even ten years without repair and maintenance. The products lifetime is determined by how well the tv will be handled. These televisions rarely face the problems of short-circuiting. The manufacturer has installed powerful fuses to regulate power supply.

Many consumers are growing both physically and financially. At every stage, a different product will be required. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers should keep on updating their products to solve the current situations in the market. Currently, in the television sector, we are talking of the smart television, but this is not the last innovation. In future, there will be more innovations. Even though customers are satisfied with Samsung television any brand with new changes will attract them.

The manufacture always gives every customer who purchases Samsung television a thirteen-month warranty. That in case the product fails to function as specified or has malfunctioned; the product can be replaced or serviced at the manufacturers' expense. This process takes the shortest time possible. Such practice has increased the satisfaction customers gets from their services. In some situation, the company allows reimbursement of an amount equal to the television price. The customers are required to take the asset to the nearest Samsung agent together with the receipt.


In conclusion dimension of quality vary depending on the industry concerned, situation or type of contract between the seller and the buyer. The discussed quality dimension involves both products and services. Services are intangible, but the result of the function is used to determine its quality. During production process manufacturers, the concerned people should be aware of these quality dimensions to provide more satisfaction to their customers. The product lifetime varies from one product to another. Mostly ware and tire make products to be disposed of. Customers will purchase products with minimal maintenance cost. This makes Samsung company have many customers worldwide.


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