Essay on Creating an Effective HRM Team in Omantel: Problem Analysis and Solutions

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Date:  2023-01-04

To come up with a competent team in Omantel, the HRM has to be able to determine a problem and solve it accordingly. There is various problem analysis that can be used in Omantel to assess the extent of the problem and come up with ways to solve it. One way is determining if the problem is ill-structured. This is vital since the more information there is about a problem, the easier it becomes to identify ways of solving it(, M.A., Hoskisson et al. 1154)

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The HRM is also required to choose one or many techniques to redefine the problem to know which one suits the problem-solving method effectively. This is recommended if there is an available tie to try out all the ways that can be used to solve the problem; hence this will require a vast knowledge of problem-solving skills in the organisation.

Conclusion In summary, organizations are required to implement and use innovative techniques to be able to thrive in a competitive external environment. This article has discussed the use of creative teams to reach this goal. It is noteworthy to know that there are teams which will nor have a compelling performance in an organisation and can lead to the derailing of the organization's strategies. These misfortunes are primarily caused by a lack of proper communication and coordination among the team members. This has been found out to disadvantage the benefits that were intended while the team was put together. This gives the organization's HRM to conduct an independent study to determine the nature of the organization if it will be able to create space for a team of innovators as well evaluating every member of the team to note their strengths and weaknesses.

RecommendationsTo come up with a capable team, there has to be a generation of ideas that will help the organization in maximising production and bringing cohesiveness among workers o the organization. One such approach in solving problems in the organization is looking up for the readymade solutions set by the organization's authority as well as the HRM. If there is the availability of a readymade solution, it is recommended that the resolution be utilized and if it successful and an analysis of the evaluation of the problem has to be made.

If the decision has been made to use the CPS solution, it is advisable to determine if the group will evaluate the answer or if an individual will be enough to sort out the problem. If there is an available time it is essential to listen to the views of the group members and come to a successful conclusion ut if time is at stake, then it is recommended that an individual solves the problem in an efficient way

It is advisable to do extensive research on the evaluation of the problem to come up w...

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