Essay Example on Zipline International Inc.

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Date:  2021-06-17

Name of the Company

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The name of the company is Zipline International Inc. its CEO, Keller Rinaudo, founded the company in 2011.

Type of Business

Zipline is a US robotics and drone start-up company based in California. It builds drones that transport medical supplies such as blood, vaccines, and medicines that could save lives. Some of the investors of the company include Google Ventures, Paul Allen, Sequoia Capital, Jerry Yang, and Stanford University. The goal of the firm is to utilize technology to build tools that can help save human lives and push it forward. Over the years, it has built one of the largest consumer robotic brands and sold a majority of their robots to Apple, and Brookstone stores. The companys vision is to hire brilliant team members across all disciplines and raise enough capital to help them grow.

Legal form of Business

Zipline International Inc is a private company. Its legal entity type is a corporation. Corporations have the ability to sell ownership shares in the production via stock offerings. The advantage of the legal form is that it can attract high-quality employees, has limited liability, can generate capital, and their tax treatment is communal. On the contrary, its disadvantage is that it costs a lot of time and money to venture in its operations. More so, they might be taxed twice when the company makes a profit and when they pay their shareholders dividends on their tax returns. Moreover, additional paperwork is required because they are regulated by the federal, state, and local agencies. Their officers have fiduciary duties such as loyalty, disclosure, care, and good faith. Costs associated with the business form are many. For instance, they must obtain a business license, permits, and registrations to run their business.

Location of the Business

Zipline International Inc has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They chose that area due to the ease of technological supplies. However, despite its location, Zipline can still reach its customers with ease. Their drones are designed in a way that can reach their clients at a faster rate. Their target is developing countries where there is a demand for medical supplies. Their drones do not land or recharge at their delivery sites, so the infrastructure at their destinations is never a problem. They do survey the area of their destination when they receive a delivery. Their location does not hinder their business operations because their drones are fast and have a parachute landing system.

A synopsis of the Company

Zipline is the first company worldwide to provide commercial drone delivery services. They work 24 hours a day and perform their operations in all weather conditions. The daily capacity of their deliveries is always 500, and the capacity per flight is 1.5kg. Zipline is safe due to its redundant motors, batteries, GPS, and electronics. Its first operation began in Rwanda where people have difficulty in accessing healthcare due to the poor roads. When health workers need help at their remote clinics, they send a text message order through WhatsApp and their website or make a phone call to Zipline for the medical supplies that are in demand. Their drones race along 100 km/h. No pilot is required, and health workers usually receive their order within minutes. The medical products are delivered using a parachute. After that, hospital staffs are notified via text message to pick their delivery. Their delivery services are always at an affordable price. Their average fulfillment time is 30 minutes to all its destinations.

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