Essay Example on VMware: Leading Visualization Software Provider Since 1998

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Date:  2023-03-02

VMware was established in 1998 as a company that provides various software and application for visualization. In the industry, it is one of the leading visualization software providers. The products produced by VMware Company is categorized into two, namely serving and desktop applications. In 1999 the company launched VMWare workstation, followed closely by VMware GSX server after two years (Mochizuki, 2018). In essence, the desktop software of the company is compatible with every significant OSs such as Marc OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. In this company, three desktop software are offered, namely VMware player, VMware Fusion, and VMWare workstation.

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The use of VMWare workstation as an application helps in running and installing multiple instances or copies of the same operating system or various operating systems on a single computer machine. The VMware player helps users who cease to have the license to VMware products, which is mainly applied for personal use. Phil fisher is designed for Mac users and give additional compatibility with every VMware application and products. As a bare metal, VMware software hypervisors run directly on the server hardware without requiring any additional primary OS. In this context, VMware server is applied over existing operating software such as Microsoft Windows and Linux. VMware ESX Server refers to an enterprise-level solution that is created to give better functionality by comparing freeware VMware server arising from a lesser system overhead. In essence, VMware vCenter is integrated with VMware ESX to provide a backup solution to enhance the consistency and manageability of the server implementation (Mochizuki, 2018). Also, VMware ESXi server works similarly as a VMware ESX server apart from the fact that VMware ESXi service console is often replaced with BusyBox installation. In that regard, it needs a very low disk space to function.

In the contemporary society setting, people use VMware tools and visual machines such as robots as essential tools in completing the various task. Visuals tools advancing across the globe which can complete jobs that were done previously by despite these machines being vital, people have a varied opinion over these machines cruising into the human world. For instance, robots I have made people question the line between a machine and human beings. Robots, in particular, are viewed by people as objects; they do not have an emotional and biological aspect to make them human. However, with visual companies advancing to create robots that can act on their own, have emotions, and thoughts make them have qualities similar to that of human.

Indeed, the virtual machines incorporating artificial intelligence in their works can be the beginning of a new era in society. With the advancement of artificial devices, tools, and products, people are worried whether machines will occupy human labor? In essence, the technical breakthrough of robots makes humans worried over the fact that robot will be given the same rights as a human being. In that context, if robots are given equal rights as a human, they could be harmful to the future generation and society. In the contemporary world, robots can express the feeling of love hand pain. Besides, scientists have begun the process of incorporating human brain cells and these robots.

In society, virtual machines and tools come in different qualities and types. Virtual machines are mainly used in factories and laboratories. Using visual devices in factories and laboratories have drastically changed the speed of operation. Across the world, the use of visual machines have expanded rapidly (Kovalerchuk, 2018). Visual machines and tools are applied to perform certain functions that cannot be handled by human beings. For instance, a robot is a visual and mechanical device that uses electronic circuitry and computer program to perform specific functions. Older adults consider visual tools and machines as the best companion since we cannot abandon them at any point like young adults.

Conversely, some people suggested the use of a visual machine to perform a human task is ethically wrong, mainly when a robot expresses an intimate relationship with other human beings. For instance, switching the roles of human beings and robots can result in a lack of social skills where individual physics the problem of communication and mingling with other humankind. However, in modern society, virtual machines have many pros than cons. For instance, the use of robots as securities makes people feel safe (Oushakine, 2019). A country that has robots is more secure since people are alerted to the danger fueled by other parties. The robot can inform parents whenever their children cross the boundary of playing. Since virtual tools and machines ask without any rest and breaks, they can handle detrimental tasks that cannot be performed by any human being. However, visual tools and devices are never depressed when performing their task making them highly productive and produces minimal errors.

Various countries have adopted to using virtual machines hand tools in military operations. For instance, virtual machines can be used to detect bombs on the battlefield. The voice show machines can be used by the military to detect the presence of any harmful object on the way of operation (Oushakine, 2019). For that reason, most of the society would be equipped weave virtual machines and tools in their battlefield.

Virtual machines and tools such as robots can be used in pharmacy to simplify automation and the use of inventory control. As compared to human doctors, robots can finish various tasks at any given operation. For instance, the Da Vinci system can handle precise surgical operation that needs a small incision (Oushakine, 2019). However, the use of a visual machine in the healthcare setting can be chaotic.

In modern society, visualization can reduce the total cost of data centers owned and increase deployment flexibility for ultimate workload purposes. People believe that if the trend on visualization continuous, future data centers will be highly virtualized. The data center base platform will consist of workloads run within visual machines and physical hosts run by hypervisors (Kovalerchuk, 2018). The visualize environment allows the operation of several new workflows in the data centers. In a society, the workflow entails operation on virtual machines such as reverting from snapshot and operation on physical hosts including upgrading of hypervisors.


In conclusion, VMware has two categories, namely, serving applications and desktop applications. The use of visual machines in factories and laboratories have drastically changed the speed of operation. Across the globe, the use of visual machines have expanded services and consistently produces. Indeed, visible machines and tools are applied to perform certain functions that cannot be handled by human beings. Therefore, there is a need for every nation to adopt visual machines in their operation within some set regulations and rules.


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