Essay Example on Toyota Tacoma: The Fittest Arrives!

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Date:  2023-04-09

The title of the advertisement is "ARRIVAL of the FITTEST'' with the arrival of the words, and fittest intentionally highlighted in a larger font, more visible brighter, and with eye-catching colors. It is a 1995 advert on a car model named Toyota Tacoma. The advertisement appeals to consumers' ideas, feelings, and emotions through the use of objects and colors. It also points out the car's features are also in a descriptive manner to capture consumers' interest logically. The Toyota Tacoma advert is keen on attracting consumers by appealing to their emotions and feelings, logical considerations, and ethical standards of the advertiser.

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According to Bryan (2013), colors affect an audience's ideas, feelings and moods, and behavior in advertising. Bright colors are considered to be happy and comfortable, while darker colors are considered mysterious. Bright colors and the use of multiple colors will often catch the audience's attention. A large area of the advert is occupied by three elegant Tacoma Trucks, each with a different color. The colors are blue, black, and red. This combination offers a variety of colors for audiences who may have varying preferences.

The most vividly appearing vehicle is black. It signifies power, sophistication, and energy associated with the brand. The blue color in the second vehicle suggests the tranquillity and dominance that is related to the brand (Bryan, 2013). In the background, there are three large flags of various- sky blue, yellow, and white. These colors portray different environments in which the trucks would be fit to operate. The blue and yellow ones represent rough terrains, while the white background conveys a serene environment. Generally, the diversity in color is eye-catching and stimulates interest in the brand.

Words are an essential aspect of culture that must be thoroughly understood for effective advertising(Mishra, 20130. Just like colors, words also elicit emotions to an audience. In this advert, the terms have been selectively used to create suspense, curiosity, and nostalgia in the audience. For example, the advert starts with the wors stronger, faster, and better. These words are selectively used to describe an ideal truck for a perfect audience. The words elicit curiosity since one will want to find out how the product is better, faster, and more reliable than what is already available in the market. The words "discover" and "champion" has also been used selectively. Discover refers to an act that is enjoyable, intriguing, and adventurous.

According to Christensen & Yilidiz (2014), ethos is a branch of the rhetoric triangle that brings out the values of the speaker or the brand to ascertain the credibility of the brand. Most companies use famous athletes, movie stars, and other celebrities to create a sense of credibility around the product. However, this advertisement has been made by the Toyota company itself. The company reminds the audience that it has produced successful brands over the last sixty years of its existence. This is an attempt to win the audience's trust and reassurance of the company's credibility based on its record.

An effective advertisement must appeal logically to the audience by providing facts or citing statistics (Bryan, 2013). The advertiser offers information about the brand upon which the viewer can make a reasonable decision. The Toyota Tacoma has a 4- cylinder 2.4-liter powerplant that is said to outperform the leading competition's standard V6's. It also has responsive handling with a braking power that stops faster.


In conclusion, the Toyota advert has attempted to indulge all the three rhetorical appeals in a bid to sell its product. The ethical appeal is seen through the company's reassurance based on its delivery past products. The pathos appeal comes ou clearly in the advert's engagement on visual rhetorics such as the use of color and objects. In contrast, the logical appeal is evident through the facts provided on the product.


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