Essay Example on Time Bomb: Hidden Perspectives of Revenge

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Date:  2023-04-08

The novel "Time Bomb" was first published by Nigel Hinton in the year 2005. The story is about four boys who found an unexploded bomb while they were playing. Andy, who is the adult narrator of the story, vividly recalls his little gang of four young boys who were neighbors and also, they were in the same class. This essay outlines some hidden perspectives in the book "Time Bomb" by Nigel Hinton.

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One of the hidden perspectives in the novel is a rebel who wants revenge for being mistreated (Hinton, 12). Eddie has anger and a massive urge for revenge towards his teachers. This is after the teachers had done a violent injustice to him at school. He was one of the choir members in the church, so after realizing there is a wedding between two of his teachers, he decides not to join his fellow choir members in entertaining the bride and the bridegroom. Instead of singing, he and two of his friends bunk off down the High Street. This is an act of vengeance from Eddie to his teachers.

A quarterback star with secrets is another hidden perspective in the book (Hinton, 56). Andy has been keeping a lot of secrets. One of these secrets is that he and his other three friends swore with their blood not to tell about this story. This is evident in the first paragraph of the story "Time Bomb," where he admits to having never told the story to anyone due to the oath they took.

However, since his other three friends are now dead, he goes ahead to break the oath and tell the story. Moreover, Andy has an internal struggle over his father's infidelity. He is in the dilemma of either telling his mother about his father's infidelity or keeping it as a secret, but he eventually chooses to keep it as a secret.

A player who is finding it difficult to fit in the team. Nigel Hinton, in his novel "Time Bomb," (98) explains that Bob is not only undersized but also a stammerer. Hence, the other friends think that he is unworthy of sharing the revival dawning of the empire. Bob's stuttering makes it even more difficult for him to express himself to other friends.

Lastly, a guy who is trying to make people see who he is and not to look at his religion is another hidden perspective in the novel "Time Bomb" by Nigel Hinton. Manny has both political and religious struggle. It is evident from the book that Manny is more politicized compared to his other friends. He is instrumental in unmasking the Captain and the boys desire to revenge. One of Manny's religious struggles is that his appearance fits his notion of being a Jew.

As I conclude, "Time Bomb" by Nigel Hinton is a novel which is loaded with a number of subplots which include Bob's stammering, Eddie having a lot of anger and the need for his vengeance on his teachers for treating him unfairly, Manny having a lot of religious and political struggles. Andy, who is having a lot of secrets about what had happened between him and his friends. This is because he had taken a blood oath and had promised never to tell the story. Finally, Bob is traumatized after his haven was bombed.

Works Cited

Hinton, Nigel. Time Bomb. Tricycle Press, 2008.

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