Essay Example on the Role of Learning in Middlemarch

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Date:  2023-01-31

Middlemarch is a novel by Mary Anne Evans in English. It explores the lives of people who lived in small towns in England during the early 19th-century. The novel shows many characters who are determined to make their lives better by pursuing education. This essay will examine how learning plays an important role in Middlemarch's narrative.

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To illustrate the importance of learning in the story, Dorothea Brooke's character is used. Dorothea is a young lady who wants to learn more about herself and make her life worthwhile. She is passionate about education and will go to any length to attain her goals. She is an avid student of philosophy and science, and this knowledge helps her better understand people around her. She is also open to reforming the education system to improve the lives in her community.

Another example of Middlemarch's importance of learning is Lydgate, Lydgate, a doctor of medicine, strives to improve the health and well-being of his patients. He is a scientist who believes in science and education. He has also been shown to be hardworking and willing to learn in order to better help others.

The character of Will Ladislaw, which is a Middlemarch student, is used to show the power of learning. Will is a young man with ambition who wants to make a difference in his life. He is an avid student of literature and of art. His knowledge helps him better understand the world around. His education is also a catalyst for change as he can bring new ideas to his community.

Middlemarch, in conclusion, is a novel that emphasizes the importance of education and learning. To illustrate how education can improve one's life, Lydgate, Will Ladislaw, and others, Dorothea, Lydgate and Will Ladislaw serve as examples. Their stories highlight the importance of learning and demonstrate the power of knowledge.


Evans, M. A. (1994). Middlemarch. Oxford University Press.

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