Essay Example on Social Issue - The Effect of Divorce for Young Generation

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Date:  2021-03-24

Today the number of divorced families is tremendously increasing and the younger generation are the most affected in this situation. Some are either negatively or positively affected while others have mixed reactions. Hansen the author of the article 9 negative effects divorce reportedly has on children argue that children from divorced homes tend to have smoking habits, susceptibility to sickness, have increase likely hood to drop out of school, involved in crime, have high risk of stroke, early death, use Ritalin and have a greater chance of getting divorced. Hansen uses the research from various universities and organization and universities to justify her conclusion. Thus, this making it more convincing. However, in some cases it can have positive impact as Richard explains in the article the positive effects of divorce on children that divorce provides a healthy environment for those children that were subjected to violence, unhappy family, and hostility among others. In addition, she states that it can also enable kids to have a better understanding of life and bring out the best in them. Richard clearly explain the problems children in an unhappy home face then compares them to when they are not in such situations. Thus this is more convincing because she tries to paint a picture on the readers mind on how life changes positively when certain things are eliminated in a childs life. Every child is exposed to various environment in a family thus, divorce can negatively or positively affect a child regarding on how the family had an impact on him or her.

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According to the various research that Hansen has carried out she believes that divorce has negative impact on children such having smoking habits and use Ritalin. This is because they felt alone and stress as a result of parents separation. Additionally there are poor in math and social skills because most of them suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem and stress. Richard explains it further by quoting a Hyun Sik Kim a lead researcher who stated that math is accumulative and if a person cannot understand addition he or she cannot understand multiplication. She states that children from divorce families tend to vulnerable to sickness and have high risk of stroke this could be as a result of stress which changes a person physiology. In addition, they tend to drop out of school and are involved in crime this is due to lack of effective parents supervision this mostly led to an early death. Hansen contends that that such kids have a greater chance of getting divorced despite aspiring to have a stable relationship. She supports these arguments by referring to various scholars and researchers such as Wolfinger, The longevity Project and researcher Esme Fuller-Thompson among others.

In Richard's article she highly emphasis on the positive impact that divorce has on children. She tries emphasis on how unhappy home greatly affects kids as compared to a divorced one. She argues that an environment where there is abuse and violence is not healthy thus, divorce can be an option in order to provide an appropriate setting. Therefore, this will ensure that the develop respect for their parents because they do not see them fighting. Richard emphasis that remarrying will provide a good atmosphere and bring the sense of a happy marriage

The two articles really paint out the picture of the negative and positive impact of divorce in younger generation. Hansen has tried to give examples of how research from other scholars has concluded with their findings thus, justifying her answers. Richard has used a different approach since she has compared two environment and made a conclusion based on the positive changes thus, making it more convincing.

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