Essay Example on Russia 1917: Two Revolutions, Two Different Outcomes

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Date:  2023-09-10

What led to the February Revolution? Why was there a need for an October Revolution the same year?

In Russia in 1917, two revolutions took place, one in February, where the grand government was removed from power and the other in October where Bolsheviks were put into power. By 1917, the relationship between the Russian citizens and the tsar had disoriented; corruption was rampant, and so was the inefficiency of the government. A lot of people in Russia did not like the policies that were in place. The government's handling of the First World War is what prompted many people into believing that the existing regime was incapable of meeting or ruling properly. Against the German armies, the Russian had suffered huge losses, one after the other. The losses made the February Revolution inevitable; it proved two points to the Russian people; one was that Russia was incapable of matching the army prowess of European nations, and the war had greatly impacted the economy. Soon after, riots erupted, which were primarily about the scarcity of food; this was in February 1917. The riots broke out in the capital marking the first revolution of that year, the February Revolution. In March, Tsar Nicholas II was forced out of power.

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A provisional government was put into place with Kerensky, the head of the provisional government. The Bolsheviks had a program to cater to the hungry citizens, which had earned people’s backing as a result of the hungry nation. In October, the Bolsheviks and the Left Socialists staged an almost bloodless coup. This revolution was against Kerensky’s provisional government; the second revolution was necessary to put the Bolsheviks into power.

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