Jenny Boully's 'A Short Essay of Being' Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-15

The article narrated by Jenny Boully is set to rectify the explanation about stereotypes and negative thoughts that people arrogantly associate with her culture. She did this by giving an example of the Thai culture showing why they deserve praise but also find it hard to accomplish the modest nature of their citizens (Boully n.p). Since her physical attributes do not make her a Thai, she struggled before people listened to her and believed her since most of them were looking at her as if she does not know what she is saying considering her effort to learn the language.

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The author also wants people to understand the real deal and not the overly popularised and processed version as previously known about the Thai culture that spread in the American society. In the reference of the "pad thai," that is also called pot Thai, Boully raised this issue because of manipulation both to herself and the American belief (Boully n.p). While she was a quiet person, she explains where there is a challenge and why they do not progress. This is because she spent most of her time dealing with stupid comments and thoughts which she does not beg to differ but instead said thank you I agree. Boully's nature is undermined and underestimated due to the assumptions based on her culture instead of her personal beliefs and characters.

I have always had the character of respecting things that don't relate to my feelings. In other words, there are times I was unable to ignore things that I never liked them. It's devastating when, however, when someone compels something and yet know that it is good. There should be a space in other words between the things that force us, and again we don't like them. I even wonder why I still love jokes about dead babies despite it's a genre but interest me.

These are the feelings I have been having of late as compared with Jenny Boully's essay even though they were discussed and exercises in a class by practising Boully nature from my spiritual universe is one reason that compelled me to write this post. For instance, Boully represents several scenes where many people say ignorant and boorish things to her, but she manages to sit back like a dangerous dog (Boully n.p). Not only does she ignore correcting the mistakes, but she realised that she had associated her friends who came off as culturally insensitive, dim people, later became more interested in talking than listening. One reason why she does not correct it's because that is not how the Thai culture does it but instead adopts the situation even though she made it a big deal because she came from Texas and found it hard to believe the words that entered her ears.

Boully later points out that in Thai, pot is a folk's food that for her to understand, she had to spend thirteen dollars. Even though she lived in Brooklyn for more than six years and always ate the pad Thai on a monthly basis, the guy who she met that ordered the 'Native Thai' spice level made her uncomfortable to the point that she thought it was kind of racism (Boully n.p). Having read this, I have always been aware that humans by nature are full of operas of self-contradictory belief and behaviour systems. This made me remember Boully's story which I also memorised to accept the fact that my approach might be skewered as masculine, regressive and indifferent to the immorality and fluidity of raw experiences (Boully n.p). I had to point this out because I realised that Boully and I are old-fashioned people and can't change who we are.

The points highlighted by Boully in the essay also make me sceptical. For instance, the instability of the cultural identity as narrated by Boully is beautifully performed to the point that they make me not to trust her experiences or opinions (Boully n.p). I even find it easy to ignore her authenticity arguments because someone may think that the author was slightly mean and also timid just like people who portray odd standards and states. In this situation, it's was easy for me to ignore her pain while she was undergoing difficult conditions since am also passing through the same.

Boully's essay is also well arranged because there are sophistication and subtlety in its balance and leanness to show how Boully found an electron to every proton. This was to invoke a fiction workshop trope that bonded me to what was at stake particularly the struggles from Boully. Since I read the essay, I have been bothered because of the merits that confuse my mind on whether to talk about some things or find the meaning of some words. Mostly, I hear good things but fail to understand the meaning either because they are not explicitly stated or the fact that people want to act smart. This feeling connects me to Boully especially when she was in Thailand and how some of the things she was told never made sense on her. Most people were saying words without defining them and expected her to understand the meaning of every word. However, Boully's nature has taught me how to be patient by not reacting but trying to understand the ongoing situation.

I know am good at hearing things but not very bright to understand them either because they have not been clearly defined or people are smart just like those who like lending and talking more than they mean their words. Despite how buttoned I may be, the meaning of the phrase relies on the ellipses and ambiguity of consciousness as the author did during her Thai experience. After reading Boully, I understood it as an accretion of slight and sad misunderstandings and vapid assentation by people she met in Thailand about her perceived inauthenticity.


Even though I felt the author's anger and frustrations I only imagined to have unobstructed views of how the moments were processed. This involved the direction of her thinking. Am also aware that Boully used irony by stating "acting in the Thai way" to show the readers that by not correcting her friend, she used the essay to point out the corrections. One theory the author used that was very interesting was how she used her American-ness to perform her Thai-ness to solve her problems while in a foreign land.

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