Essay Example on Private and Public Sectors Partner for Child Welfare Services

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Date:  2023-10-04


Both private and public service delivery sectors play a critical part in child welfare services. Local and state governments have relied on the voluntary sector to offer foster care services from the early 1800s. Currently, the private provision of human services in foster care systems is done through faith-based and mutual aid charities to protect the children. Governments are the ones that play the role of public provision of human services. In foster care systems, governments offer public services in terms of placing institutions to act as foster homes alongside financing them. From the late 1930s, this tendency emerged, and it has been going on up to date. The paper focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of public and private services in foster care systems.

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Private Provision of Human Services on Foster Care

The management of private agencies has taken full responsibility for the core functions in foster care. Some of the agencies start offering services to children after being referred by governments. However, as time progresses, they can assume the management of the entire foster home. As an advantage, the private sectors ensure that foster homes achieve permanency while taking care of the children (Badillo-Urquiola et al., 2018). The private sectors impact the management of foster care systems since they ensure that they manage the required court-related duties concerned with foster care services. The private provision of services on the foster care systems determine what is important for the foster care systems.

As observed, the private provision of human services affects the management of the foster care systems. It is a disadvantage in the conscious that they assume the control of an entire foster home. Some intend to make profits from the foster care systems through government and sponsorships from other private service providers. Once greed dominates the privatization process, those who experience challenges are the children (Badillo-Urquiola et al., 2018). Some private companies use the foster care systems as a business. Their product becomes the child.

Public Provision of Human Services on Foster Care

Governments provide funding to foster care systems to enhance how they disseminate provide service to youth who are homeless and children. Through financing the foster care systems, the advantage is that the youth who are aging in the foster homes are given the assistance to attain self-sufficiency (Greiner & Beal, 2018).

However, governments create too many restrictions on the foster care systems. While comparing how the private sector and the governments support the foster care systems, the public provision of human services on foster systems restricts accessibility and openness. Governments do not grant foster care management to control how they offer services to the children. Through this, the governments hinder the foster care systems from functioning properly. The disadvantage is that the foster care systems get prone to resource scarcity. It reaches a point where foster homes cannot grow (Greiner & Beal, 2018). They get to a position where they can not expand the population of the 'deserved' individuals; that is, the children. In other terms, children get denied accessibility to foster care systems.


In conclusion, both the private and public provision of human services have different advantages and disadvantages, which impact the financing, management, and accessibility of the foster care systems. Private and public sectors finance foster care systems, and as a result, they control the management of the foster homes. Therefore, the provision of the private and public human services on foster care systems should focus on optimizing the advantages.


Badillo-Urquiola, K., Abraham, J., Ghosh, A. K., & Wisniewski, P. (2018, January). A Stakeholders' Analysis of the Systems that Support Foster Care. In Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork (pp. 158-161).

Greiner, M. V., & Beal, S. J. (2018). Developing a health care system for children in foster care. Health promotion practice, 19(4), 621-628.

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