Essay Example on Nazis' Culture: Art in a Controlled Society

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Date:  2023-04-09

The culture and society of the Nazis were initiated by law in 1993. The culture defines the traditional values in the German community. The Reich Chamber of culture established found control in significant parts of the Germana societies and enhanced the art. The strength and power of the Nazi German culture were monitored through the visual arts. In degenerating the art of Munich, crowds assembled to view the display in March 1937. Arts were highly considered in this culture, and it created new objectivity, and how people expressed themselves. The paper analyzes the Nazi German culture and society.

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The literature of German society was destroyed by the regimes that took place during the period-the work of the Jewish and other political aspects matched with the Nazi ideology in 1933. The literature in the culture at this time includes the work of Heinrich Heine that was published around 1821. The author facilitated the predictions of the European persons, and he emphasized how the European people will one day lose their concept of the teachings of Christ, and the act of war will overtake them.

Nazi German culture made efforts to maintain their society through the use of architecture and arts that were led by Hitler. Using the techniques was neoclassical and was known to resemble the acts of ancient Rome. The styles of the community persisted for long and became famous and liberal during the period. The Roman buildings were also built in the city by Albert through various architectural designs.

The structures that were constructed during the period were among the Nazi rally grounds in Nuremberg. Some designs were outlined but never used, for instance, of the gigantic version of the Pantheon in Rome. The triumphal arch was also established in the culture and was constructed according to the classical styles.

During construction, the materials used in Nazi German were based on war efforts. The cinemas during this time were for entertainment in society, and importing foreign films from other places was restricted in 1936 (Spielvogel, 2016). It became a significant form of entertainment, especially when it created a distraction from the allied bombing and led to German defeats.

In 1944 cinema institutions developed and became too many as it provided the musicals and romance during wars. It also enhanced the patriotic propaganda and various comic films were used at the time. The expensive cinema film during this period was of Veit Harlan's Kolberg in 1945. The culture highly invested in cinemas to keep the populace entertained, and it became a tool for the state.

With the constant use of films and cinemas, the culture did not have appropriate innovations to undertake. The displays of the Nazi German culture and society were based on sports, and the summer Olympics conducted in 1936. It also participated in the German pavilion during the expositions in Paris in 1937. The act of superiority in sports was at the Berlin Olympics of 1936. The athletes that participated in sports were carefully chosen for their strengths.

The Nazi culture, however, opposed the movement of women feminism in the aspect that it was an act led by the Jewish, and it was a lousy perception for both the women and men in the community. Despite the many restrictions, many women stood and fought for their achievements. Pregnancy was common during fetching members of the Bund Madel, and abortion was highly criticized in this community as per the 1943 act, where people who performed this practice were sentenced for the death penalty.


Spielvogel, J. J. (2016). Hitler and Nazi Germany: A History. Routledge.

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