Essay Example on Marvel Universe Art: 80 Yrs of Superheroes & Visual Culture

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Date:  2023-01-02

The theme of the exhibition is to display the original artwork of the Marvel universe that demonstrates the origin of the superhero concept, its development, and how it influences society. The exhibition will occur during the 80th anniversary year for Marvel Universe, and it will involve the use of original superheroes' artwork (Cummings 3). The occasion will also show the narration of Marvel and its impact on visual culture while uncovering particular characters.

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The identified display pieces for the exhibition are the Spiderman's suit and Black Panther's costumes. These two artworks adequately express the exhibition's theme. First, the two artistic works represent the origin of Marvel for the past 80 years by showing how people can become superheroes within the pop culture (Given 4). Both the Spiderman and Black Panther films have a basis on the Marvel comic characters of the same name that became superheroes. For instance, Black Panther was a hero by preventing Wakanda from destruction. On the other hand, Spiderman was superior because of kindness to all people around him. As seen in the intent of the exhibition, the chosen display pieces of the Spiderman suit and Black Panther costumes demonstrate the original artwork of the Marvel, its history, and the roles of superheroes within the visual culture (Middleton 2).

The flow of the exhibition creates a narration by showing the original artworks that were worn by characters in Marvel movies. For instance, costumes Black Panther that was worn by Chadwick Boseman and the Spiderman Suit that was used by Peter Parker. The illustration of fiction superhero through their dress code and appearance in depicts similar themes thus indicating the narrative notion of the exhibition. Fans are in a position to visualize the originality and history of Marvel characters as viewed in movies like in a real-life situation (The Franklin Institute 7). Therefore, the exhibition flows together to create a narrative on the Marvel characters and how superheroes influenced popular cultures.

The exhibition also fits within the host institution because Franklin Institute is one of the famous museums in the USA. First, the institution has the required facilities to host such an exhibition. For instance, the institution has the needed venue, space, and availability of necessary artwork for display (Cummings 3). The institution is as well suited for the occasion because of a possibility for a higher attendance of fans. Many people pay visits Franklin Institute for research and exploration, a situation that makes it an appropriate to host such an event. Therefore, the planners of the exhibition will have many fans attending the exhibit because the host institution is visited by many people from different parts of the world.

The visual presentation of the exhibition was also suitably presented. The objects placement was strategically placed from the entrance to the rear end of the arena. The placement included the costumes and props used by Marvel characters and pictures of the Marvel book (Given 4). The display pieces for the Marvel films and book had the significance of bringing the reality of their original artwork. The lighting, on the other hand, had a sky-blue background with golden sparkling lights. Sky-blue color represented space while golden sparkling indicated energy. The demonstration of space and energy represented the aspect of swiftness seen in superhero characters and how they use energy as superpowers to accomplish heroic actions.

Lastly, the exhibition has a relationship with the concepts and ideas discussed in class. One of how the exhibit has a link with the class work is in the demonstration of the importance of original artwork. An understanding of the artwork originality and history leads to the appreciation of the progress made in the field of art and architecture. The exhibition also relates to the class work concepts and ideas concerning the proper choice of the venue (Middleton 2). The host institution is appropriate because of the availability of the required information, artworks, as well as the availability of fans.

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