Essay Example on Managers: Embracing Ethics for Long-Term Success

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Date:  2023-04-09


Managers have various roles to play in ensuring that their organizations attain their desired objectives in the long-run. Embracing ethics is one of these crucial roles. I have different beliefs regarding the ethical role of contemporary managers. First, I believe that managers must embrace ethics by ensuring that they not only consult but also engage every stakeholder, including employees, when making vital decisions of the organization. Secondly, managers should engage in effective communication with their subordinates to create mutual understanding and work towards meeting the same organizational goals. Lastly, managers should act as role models by inspiring, motivating, and encouraging other stakeholders to respect and embrace the code of ethics of their organizations.

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Aspects of the Reading that I Agree and Disagree With

There are various aspects documented by Lichtenstein (2012) regarding the role of values in leadership that I agree and disagree with. For instance, I agree with the author's argument that embracing values is crucial in practicing ethical leadership that, in turn, leads to the realization of their desired goals and objectives in the long-run. However, I disagree with the author's decision to use some historical examples such as the Pharaohs who helped in the building of pyramids. Most of these leaders were patriarchal and dictatorial. As a result, their subordinates remained committed to building the ancient monuments due to the fear of discrimination, oppression, and corporal punishments that could even culminate in death.

Connections Seen between General Shelton's cornerstone values and Other Perspectives

There is a strong connection between General Shelton's cornerstone values and the perspectives held by Trevino, Hartman, and Brown. General Shelton emphasized the significance of embracing value-based leadership as the primary strategy towards attaining organizational success in the long-run. Some of the values identified by Shelton include honesty, compassion, integrity, diversity, and social responsibility. Trevino et al. (2000) also underscored the significance of these values in helping leaders to succeed in their roles by emphasizing that they are the foundations of the required experience in leadership. Therefore, the three scholars maintained that leaders and executives should value and embrace ethical leadership by serving both as moral persons and managers in their daily operations.

Personal Experience of a Manager Demonstrating Unethical Leadership

I have encountered numerous managers from various places demonstrating unethical leadership. For instance, John Mangala, the manager of XYZ Beverage Company, preferred mistreating his employees by compelling them to work for long hours without additional compensation. Also, Mangala encouraged the company's production team to dispose its waste products in the nearby river to increase its profits by reducing the costs incurred in cleaner production. Therefore, Mangala's decision to mistreat the employees and dispose waste material in the water body is unethical and results in environmental pollution. Managers should avoid such acts to lead their organizations towards attaining their desired success.


Lichtenstein, S. (2012, January). The role of values in leadership: How leaders' values shape value creation. Integral Leadership Review.

Trevino, L. K., Hartman, L. P., & Brown, M. (2000). Moral person and moral manager: How executives develop a reputation for ethical leadership. California Management Review, 42(4), 128-142.

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