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Leadership can be referred to as an art that aims to motivate a group of individuals so that they can act toward reaching a common objective in the organization (Bratton, 2020). A leader is said to be the individual that carries out all the necessary process or the art of motivating others. This essay focuses on the effective best practices, ineffective practices that a leader should avoid, and how the new science guidelines affect the success of an enterprise.

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Effective Best Practices

As a leader, it is important to understand everyone in the organization. The leader should ensure that he or she understands the family, hobbies, and also outside the life of his team members. It is important to develop a healthy relationship with your members since it will foster the trust, respect and the team member will remain loyal to the leadership (Ferch, 2020). The members will trust everything that the leader tells them and carry out all the activities that are required to be accomplished in the organization.

Create a Collaborative Culture

As a leader, it is important to ensure that the team is encouraged to put their heads together, and they are always collaborative in every activity that they do. Collaboration can be used as a form of learning where employees can acquire knowledge and skills from other employees. Through contribution and helping each other to work towards a common goal, it makes leading these employees easier because it functions better (Ladkin, 2020).

A Good Leader Should Be Transparent

As a leader, one is supposed to show openness, honesty, and be direct with their team. Through this, it is the only way the leader can earn trust and respect with his team member. The leader should always strive for creating an environment that has open communication where the employees can freely express their concerns, share their opinions, and when agree or disagree with others (Bratton, 2020). As the working environment becomes more comfortable, the more innovative and creative the team becomes.

A Good Leader Should Be Compassionate and Respectful

A good leader should adhere to the golden rule at all times. The leader should treat others the way he wants to be treated. The leader should be respectful and not arrogant to others. The leader should also be empathetic and understanding while administering his leadership. This will ensure that the employees are also respectful and supportive of the leader at all times. Often, the employees will view the leader as their coworkers and respect everything that the leader communicates to them (Ferch, 2020).

Avoiding Conflicts

At all costs, a leader mustn't avoid conflict in the organization. The leader should not avoid bringing up difficult topics that may bring about conflict in an organization. The leader should bring up the topic and invite others to help in solving the problem. Also, the leader should hold those that have caused the problem accountable since avoidance of the same will cause unacceptable behaviors to prevail in the organization (Ladkin, 2020).

As a leader, one is supposed to encourage healthy competition and not allow employees to do what is prohibited in the organization. All the time, the leader should ensure that employees adhere to the routines set out in the organization.

A good leader is the one that focuses on the task, team, and individual and not exclusively on the goal in the organization. Focusing on these three factors will foster a good leadership style in an organization.


The new science guidelines ensure that leaders come up with new information that can be used in an organization to come up with the best decisions that can adapt to the changing environment, long-term identity, and trust in an organization (Wheatley, 2006). The new science guidelines show that everything is evolving, and the organization should focus on innovation and the use of information. Also, the new science indicates that the leader should hold on the vision and values as the individuals have the freedom to act accordingly.


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