Essay Example on Macbeth: Too Much Ambition Leads to a Great Fall

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Date:  2023-07-12

Ambition is a strong feeling and desire to achieve a specific goal or to have something. According to physics, it is believed that when construction is lifted too high and does not have a strong foundation, there are high chances of its downfall. Therefore, Macbeth Shakespeare in a play creates a common theme, which clearly shows how too much ambition is likely to cause a great fall. He does this with success using the idea of Macbeth failure for honor in being wicked. In the play, the component is tied to Macbeth over the other's actions as a pest, which evolves as it devours Macbeth (Purnomo, 2013). The master writer well displays Macbeth's disastrous flaw of desire through that motif as a scapegoat. Shakespeare employs the characters all over Macbeth to set alight the fires of his passion.

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The intrusion of the Macbeth and Banquo on the three witches' conference, those witches tell of how Macbeth will be blessed with glories. They claim, "All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, thane Cawdor...." as Macbeth is bewildered by the remark. He inquiries of the legality of the witches and disregard them. Subsequence to this exposure, Ross meets Macbeth and exclaims, "he bade me from him, call thee thane of Cawdor..." Macbeth later becomes hesitant. He is baffled by the enchantress's precise prophecy that the ruler identifies his successes. This, therefore, familiarizes the first phase of Shakespeare's idea when Macbeth is in his moral and humble phase without a clue of bribery (Purnomo, 2013). Later Macbeth progressed to a more corrupt individual, and Shakespeare's idea develops into its major like a cancer advances to a higher damaging condition. The great Macbeth starts his decline when he killed King Duncan and said, "I have done the deed. Didst thou do not hear a noise?" out of this, one tells that Macbeth is still unexperienced and clean. When he asks his wife concerning noise, it indicates that he is healthy. The "noise" sincerely is his conscience filled with concern due to a sin committed, which battles with his duties and morals. The act of murder serves as a "gateway" sin and shapes Macbeth's lenience to the wrongs he did and, in the end, turns him to be a tarnished friend.

In relating the Macbeth theme of ambition today in media, it remains remarkably relevant regardless of place and time. In the modern world today, individuals have used violence as a weapon to acquire authority for themselves, and most of the time, when these powers are gained, they get suspicious about losing them. Especially in the media today, it is evident that those in high places do a lot of things for them to retain all shreds of power they have even if they well know it will harm to others who are innocent. It is also evidenced amongst leaders who are reacting against the interest of the public for their selfishness (Doyle, 2020). Taking an example of American history, Richard Nixon's actions and ambition to solidify authority at all charge is evocative of Macbeth motif.


There are still many people whose aim has no boundaries, therefore, seeking to make all things appropriate for their interest. For instance, in trying to refrain the extreme moralizing, it is good to scrutinize conditions of those seeking to put their desire into practice with no regard for others or any other thing. In a current variation of Macbeth, a holly hood form is being made and displayed, wherein establishing the current version, there should be equal prominence on an individual seeking power and cash. This is because all are essential elements nurturing a vision of an ambition (Doyle, 2020). Therefore, the character in the play was seeking power only, while in the current version, the financial component should be existent in addition to the element of authority.


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