Essay Example on Internet Usage: An Unstoppable Force in the Digital Age

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Internet usage has become an aspect of life. Many people worldwide are addicted to internet usage. The internet usage is growing daily. Its usage within the population ranges from teenagers to mature people since any person can access the internet because no security password is required to access the internet as long as the user has subscribed to bundles. The internet culture is swiftly captivating its cause within today's universe. This implies that internet usage has no geographical location. Individuals can access many social media for a once he or she access the internet. For example, the user can decide to socialize by Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, My Space, Yelp, Pinterest, Zomato, Task Rabbit, Emails, Facebook, Reddit, Polyvore, Goodreads, Instagram, Houzz, Airbnb, WordPress, Snapchat, Digg, YouTube, Flipboard, Fancy, TripAdvisor, Tumblr, and Etsy. Nonetheless, the introduction of "smartphones" has escalated the "internet usage" since "smartphone" holder can easily "access the internet" from any place so long as he or she has bundles. However, the internet usage has both the negative and positive impact on the users and the world as a whole making the society to be in a dilemma whether to conclude that internet usage is beneficial or dangerous among the society members .This paper, therefore, seeks to focus on the influence of the "internet" to the society.

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Positive effects


Many students have depended on the use of the internet to conduct their research; thus, internet usage is upgrading the education sector worldwide. This research process has been possible because all the necessary information can be accessed through the internet one a researcher logged into the relevant internet website. For example, for academic research, the students are recommended to rely on the information from google scholars because they contain sufficient, vital, dependable, and readily available information. However, Google Scholar cannot be accessed offline since the internet is necessary. Either, internet usage has been helping students and lecturers to conduct online distance learning successfully because once an individual has bundles, he or she will access the internet. Similarly, access to the internet has been helping lectures to download some extra notes from the academic websites to complement their notes in preparation for the lesson. Teachers from O level has been downloading lesson plans from the internet; thus, having ample time for preparing for the specific lessons she or he has on the day. Internet usage has enabled the students to purchase course books online by first making some inquiry by depending on the information posted on Etsy platforms for purchases (Boulianne, 2009). Nonetheless, the internet has been helping lecturers and teachers to send notes to students if they help up and are yet to miss a lesson. The students will download the notes rather than missing the whole lesson. Moreover, the internet enables the online services to take place. For example, the internet has been crucial for the students and scholars to check if their research work resembles another scholar or student's work by running the work through the Turnitin or Grammarly to check if there is any grammatical error committed in work.

Socialization and Business

Social networks enhance the relationship among the users and help users across different nations to interconnect cheaply since only bundles can be used for connections. This implies that using the internet such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to connect or to converse with friends and relatives who are overseas are cheaper than making calls. Either, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can do market research, relationship building, customer services, and creation of brand awareness. These social media platforms provide a platform for online connections between different organizations to share crucial information touching their institutions. Consequently, many people have secured jobs by sharing socializing with others through Facebook who later connects them to the field of employment. Either, use of Twitter and Facebook has created job opportunities to some people, for example, bloggers. Bloggers can be mostly employed by politicians to spread propaganda about some specific politicians to gain popularity thereby creating job opportunities to such bloggers. Moreover, some people rely on internet information to borrow some ideas that they integrate into their businesses to improve the existing strategies of the firm operation.

Information retrieval as well as storing. "The cloud software systems have changed the information storage among companies since they do not depend on the physical space for information storage" (Winston, 2002). Either, "internet" usage has enabled information recovery likely. "Internet cloud storage" reduces the expenditures of office space since it influences a firm's aptitude to store large files. Nonetheless, the "cloud internet" information "storage" averts the risk of the information lost once the ancillary back up is triggered. Similarly, the "Internets" have been promoting smartphones purchasing since many people have been buying smartphones for browsing purposes. Video conferencing has been aiding the conduction of live business gathering allowing the workflow to be accepted by the "internet" networks. Business firms rely on social network sites to generate feasible advertizing "internet" policy. Sites help customers to make inquiries online. Nevertheless, client "management software" can track "all communications, deliveries, and sales for clients; thus, firms can target specific sales and facilitations to clients" (Winston, 2002).

Notably, some people depend on the internet like "Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to share videos" and photographs thus selling their brands. For instance, the use of YouTube has significantly improved the music industry sine musicians share their shootings through YouTube. The YouTube users can, therefore, get the opportunity to look at the brand before choosing to purchase such brand. Many musicians, therefore, get a marketing platform from the internet. Instagram can help sells brand because if the brand receives many like, then some undecided customers will be made to think the brand with many likes is the best and they end up purchasing such product since it engages many audiences. Either, Media sharing networks offer individuals a place to get such brands being advertized through online platform. Nonetheless, YouTube is one prime means of communication. Some people have been currently using. Besides, business firms to market their products since many people are addicted to them can use YouTube, Snapchats, and Instagram. Some social media are used purposefully for discussion and sharing of information, news, as well as opinions. For instance, "Digg, Reddit, and Quora. These social networks help to provide platforms for market research and to get the best ideas from the client since it allows discussion and opinion sharing among the users. Most importantly, many members of the society depend on these social media to gather sufficient information and knowledge particularly, the university students.

Some social networks can be used for discovering, saving, sharing, and discussing trending content and media files. For example, Flipboard, and Pinterest. These social networks have been highly efficient promoting brand awareness by engaging customers and creating website traffic. Consequently, a bookmarking and content curation networks have been helping users to discover, save, and share new and trending contents and media. This implies that these social networks provide fora for creativity and inspiration mainly among the individuals seeking crucial information. Moreover, Pinterest aids individual to discover, and share visual content. Internet could help to search, review, and share information on services, brands, products, travel destinations, and restaurants resulting in bringing a social resolution of business issues with sad customers - for example, Zomato, Yelp and TripAdvisor. Reviews add many values to many existing websites and online services. Many clients have depended on the social network to select their friends for recommendations of best dining stations by depending on the Yelp and Zomato since they provide a forum for hotel and restaurant reviews to determine their suitability. The Internet can be used to discover, comment, and publish content online by depending on Tumblr and WordPress. These platforms can be used to market a specific brand and make sales. Consequently, publishing and blogging networks offer individuals and brands tools to publish content online in formats that attract sharing and commenting. Accordingly, some internet platforms can be used to identify and follow brands to make purchase inquiry by the clients since the creation of brands awareness can increase the client's engagement. Therefore, products would be sold efficiently thus promoting an ecommerce (Mutz, 2009).

Similarly, platforms such as Etsy enables small and medium business enterprises and individual to sell their products without an existing "brick and networks such as Polyvore. Polyvore is a social network designed to incorporate social experience with purchasing experience since different retailers meet in a single online marketplace. Therefore, clients get the chance to make selections on their own. Some internet platform such as Houzz, and Goodreads, can be used to connect with others and shared interest or hobby creating unity among the members of the community. Interest-based network focus on a specific subject like books or music production. This scenario is possible because customers will know that particular retail solely deals with the production of specific goods. For example, on Houzz, designers can browse the work of other fellow designers and generate their work. Finally, connect with people looking for their services. Nonetheless, some social networks can be used to advertise, search, share, buy and sell products and services between peers since they help companies in finding clients. For instance, Taskrabbit and Airbnb. Sharing economy assists customers to connect and make the purchase online (Winston, 2002).


Internet platforms can make the government change its unpopular governance policy since the administration will abandon the unfavorable and unpopular strategy after social media critics. Either, ideas contributed by the activists and shared by the internet have been helping to influence the voting pattern among the voters. Similarly, politicians have been sharing their development plans through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This strategy has been very economical since it reduces campaign expenses. Most leaders have been deriving their ambitions from political forums. Most importantly, some teenagers have become successful by following the footsteps of the previous leaders. The public can share political issues through the internet forum such as Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, the social network has been used to mobilize voter turnout because many voters get convinced through peer pressure. For instance, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Nevertheless, the use of social network can influence individual to partake in the election due to friend's pressure. Emails have been used as campaign strategies by the partisan mobilizers particularly in the US (Winston, 2002).

Negatives effects

Educationally, the use of social media such as Facebook has become addictive to students lowering their academic performance since they spend lots of time Facebooking instead of studying. Either, some people have used other scholars work without their permission resulting in a plagiarized article...

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