Essay Example on Immigration to US: Cultural Change & Economic Vitality

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Immigration to the US is the international movement of nationals rather than the United States to reside permanently in the country. Immigration has been a primary source of cultural change, and population growth throughout American history since the integration of children and immigrants contributes to culture change and economic vitality (Spring 59). The United States has been providing immigrants opportunities and their kids to better themselves as well as get involved in society. Different studies have shown that the US has the highest number of immigrant, which represents 19.1% of 244 million worldwide immigrants (Martin 6). Currently, the United States is inhabited with different groups from all corners of the planet where every group has their reasons and motives for the settling permanently in that state. In the 17th century, people left their original places of birth and immigrated to the US for different reasons, including high taxations, lack of jobs, worse economic conditions, as well as drought and poverty in their original homes (Martin 6). Multiple evidence has shown that, that the first bunch of Chinese immigrants was located in the US in the year 1850, due to economic challenges of the time where most of them were eyeing the California gold (Spring 62). In general, the availability of job opportunities in the US makes many nations to migrate and reside in the country permanently. Also, poor economic performance and socioeconomic disparities in the native region, especially Mexico, made the citizens migrant to America in search of employment and better living standards. Some researchers have argued that most of the friends or family members who reside in the US facilitate others to migrants. However, the paper focuses on how the reasons for immigration by different groups have changed the United States economy.

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Reasons for Immigration by Various Groups in the United States

Immigrants are encouraged to leave their former nations of permanent residence or citizenship for multiple reasons. First, inadequate access to local resources makes many people move from their countries to settle in the United States. These resources include better education, health facilities, and social amenities. Various studies have shown that almost 10% of immigrants across decades, came in the US to acquire a formal education system where they decided to settle permanently (Spring 67). Also, the evidence has shown that some students who are absorbed in scholarship in America, rarely return to their former country of residence (Walters 297).

Accordingly, people move from their former nation to the US to seek economic prosperity. From the decades, the United States has been associated with a blossoming economy compared to other countries worldwide. Various researchers have indicated that the economy of the US has been growing with almost 10% until today (Walters 297). So, many investors move from their former countries with a desire to acquire economic prosperity since it becomes difficult to grow financially in their locality. The statistics have indicated that the majority of the immigrants in the US came as investors and eventually partnered with American merchants (Spring 71).

Besides, many individuals move from their former nations to the United States to look for employment to boost their living standards. Multiple studies have shown that the rate of unemployment has been an immense problem, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa or Caribbean Island, a scenario that has been making those countries move to the United States in search of jobs since history (Lewis and Peri 630). So, the economy of America has attracted many investors ranging from non-governmental organizations leading to job creation.

How the Reasons for Immigration by Different Groups have changed the United States Economy


The immigrants brought a wave of ingenuity and talent and worker's innovation. The economic theory indicates that a direct relationship between innovative and skilled labor force results in fast GDP growth. Also, the 2011 survey has shown that almost 27% of international students graduate with engineering and science master degrees, a clear indication of their innovativeness (Docquier and Machado 540). The specialized professionals increase incomes, allocation of labor, and productivity of both immigrants and natives. Thus, the increase in the population of foreign workers in the US is associated with high productivity growth.

Labor Market Competition

The statistics indicate that immigrants take employment from US citizens. However, although they raise labor supply, they spend their wages on food, homes, TVs, and other services and goods and boost domestic economic demand. The increase in demand generates jobs to construct shelters, sell and make food as well as transport the televisions. According to empirical studies, wages and employment from immigration have long-term benefits to the US (Docquier and Machado 540). Thus, although immigrants take the job from Native Americans, they increase supply and cheap labor, but more so they spend wages in the purchase of goods, in turn, expanding economic demand domestically while creating more jobs

Urban Industrial Growth

Through immigrants, industrial growth has been achieved since they play a significant in creating employment opportunities and improvement of government revenue through taxation. For instance, during industrialization in the United States, many jobless people acquired jobs in areas of mining, transportation, and others opened small businesses within the industrial centers. The change brought the growth of the economy as well as boosting the standard of living. For instance, most immigrants like Mexicans were characterized by poverty and unemployment during the revolution of 1910 to 1917, where many left their land escaping political injustices and religious torture (Lewis and Peri 630).

Increase in the Government Revenue

Most US immigrants are wealthy merchants who come with a desire to start their big businesses and grow financially. These corporations began paying taxes or levies, leading to an increase in government revenue. The money raised by the law enforcement group is used to initiate some crucial projects which attract more investors like better hospitals, schools, and recreational places.


Different groups from different parts of the universe migrate from their home country to the United States in search of bitter lives. Multiple evidence has shown that the availability of better opportunities in the US makes many nations to migrate and reside in the country permanently. For example, the reasons for Chinese migration to the US have changed over the decades, because from the 21st century, the majority of Chinese immigrants to the US are due to search for better education, trade and commerce purposes, technological advancement, military and weapon technology (Spring 79). Also, poor economic performance and socioeconomic disparities in the native country, especially Mexico, made the citizens migrant to America in search of employment and better living standards. Some researchers have argued that most of the friends or family members who reside in the US, facilitate others to migrants. The increasing number of immigrant in America has made the economy to thrive due to an increase in productivity, labor market competition, and industrial growth.

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