Essay Example on History: Gettysburg Regress

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Date:  2021-04-06

Gettysburg Regress is a historical battlefield that hosted the great civil war of 1863; it has a sight commonly known as the Devil's Den. It is at the Devil's Den that the Confederate soldiers sharpshooters picked out the Union's soldiers one at a time. It is widely known that this ancient site is a tourist attraction center for many true lovers. The reenactment of the activities of the civil war is always conducted at the Gettysburg regress site. Tourists have flocked the area since the 1940s to get a feel of the great Civil War. The land around Gettysburg Regress was covered by over 892 acres of forest land, since then the tree cover has grown to cover over 2000 acres of land. Lately, the National Park Service started to cut down trees; this project is aimed at the reconstruction of Gettysburg regress battlefield. In essence, the cutting down of trees to set up a prehistoric site is just an act of environmental destruction. In spite of the need to recreate Gettysburg regress as a historical site is well intended, but the cutting down of trees is highly unacceptable.

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The argument put forward by the author of this article is clear and concise. The author describes how President Lincoln commented on the historic site of Gettysburg regress; he quotes" "we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract." This statement changes the perspectives presented by the University of Virginia Professor who say "there has never been a better time to visit Gettysburg." Those who might object to the removal of the trees, he says, are "people who don't understand the difference between a historic park and Yosemite." The professor supports the recreation of the site through cutting down of trees which are highly affective of the ecological conditions around Gettysburg regress.

Looking into the investments that have gone into the reconstruction of Gettysburg Regress, a $135 million Museum, and Visitor Center tells one of the associations of business mindset in regards to this historic site. The veterans of the Gettysburg Regress have always considered the grounds as sacred and not a money making scheme, to them, the loss of friends and injuries that took place in that field cannot be replaced by any ventures to popularize the area. It is important to note that the author clearly states that the news publications of the site have driven the agenda of making the site a living memorial and less of a historic relic. The perks of leaving the area as a historical relic save the environmental conditions around Gettysburg regress.

In other perspectives, the reaction of Gettysburg regress looks into the recreation of the memorial park to be much more real, the impression is to give visitors a perspective of hearing the bullets rave through the air. The aspect that is missed on the recreation strategies is the views of the soldiers who fought on this scared battleground; there is the need that the blood that was bled, the injuries and concussions the soldiers got should be felt. Recreation at Gettysburg is aimed at taking the visitors back in time but removing the blemishes of the history; this is highly unacceptable. The act should focus more on the experience felt, offering an almost authentic feature but also leaving a lot of history is unlike real recreational practices.

Work Cited

Jordan, B. (2016). The Gettysburg Regress: Perspectives on Lincolns Greatest Speech ed. by Sean Conant. Gettysburg Magazine, 55(1), 96-96.

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