Essay Example on Establishing Federal Bureau of Prisons & Prison Industries: Innovating Correctional Management

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The establishment of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in 1930 recognized the need for a centralized administration and standardized regulations. The Federal Bureau of Prisons manages resources and operations effectively and competently, encouraging innovation and creativity in exemplary program development and excelling in maintaining correctional management (Federal Bureau of Prisons).

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The establishment of federal prison industries in 1934 was a significant development in the correction sand. UNICOR was the commonly known trade name for the federal prison industry, established by Congress on 23rd June 1934 as a wholly-owned corporation.

Contrast Between Hypermasculine and Accidental Humanity American Prison Models

In hypermasculinity, the prison is managed by norms generated and harshly enforced by powerful inmate gangs. In contrast, the accidental humanity prison model is free from the threat of violence caused by gangs and gang politics. Transgender and gay prisoners are exclusively housed in an accidental prison model, providing a unit that is free from sexual assault since gay and transgender prisoners are among the most vulnerable residents in jail.

The accidental humanity prison model is referred to as a safe space prison model; thus, prisoners do not feel the pressure to the self-help of hypermasculine posturing or gang membership, giving them the ability to forego hyper-vigilance that defines life in the hypermasculine prison model. Hypermasculinity and accidental humanity prison models are well understood as approaches of self-help utilized by individuals who are unable to put their confidence towards prison jurisdictions concerning their safety.

Common Types of Punishment Used on Prisons and Their Effectiveness

Incapacitation tries to curb future crimes by moving prisoners physically away from society. The death penalty, incarceration, and house arrest are ways of incapacitation. The objective of deterrence is to convince possible offenders and citizens to follow the rules of law.

Retribution is a form of punishment that prevents crimes by generating a degree of satisfaction to the society or victims that a defendant has been punished accordingly, developing a belief that justice is served efficiently. Rehabilitation deals with resolving psychological issues, including aggression and drug addiction, and developing occupational skills. Rehabilitation transitions offenders back to society and is useful in minimizing offender recidivism (Justice, 2016). Restoration gives the offender an opportunity to make amends to both the community and the victim in which a crime was committed.


In conclusion, developments in the correction sand have proven to change the dynamics in prisons and increasingly create better environments for inmates, thus improving their survival and quality of life. The diverse prison models are also oriented with particular forms of punishment, which are aimed at aligning the inmates with society’s values and morals.


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