Essay Example on Employment Laws: Key Rules and Conflict Resolution

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Date:  2022-12-29

Employment laws are fundamental in defining the relationship between employers and employees. They clearly state what should happen between the two and what should not happen. In recent times, there have been cases of harassment in workplaces that go against such laws. The regulations also protect employers against the employees who may take advantage of the firms. The essay aims at analyzing the most important rules and how they can be used in solving disputes.

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One of the most important laws is job discrimination. According to Hersch & Shinall (2015), the 1964 Civil Rights Act states that no one should be discriminated in aspects such as hiring, payment or hiring by considering their gender, religion, race, or place of origin. It also disallows sexual harassment. This law is essential because it protects the employees and ensures they are in a condition to produce to their best for the benefit of the organization. A harassed employee can hardly do any work. Also, workplace safety law is equally vital. The Occupational Safety and Health Act discourages employers from allowing employees to work in a hazardous environment. The health safety of the employees should come first (Guerin & Barreiro, 2016). This law is essential since it helps to protect the right to live. Also, healthy employees can perform better than unhealthy ones.

I know a friend who was discriminated because of his place of origin. The person moved from his home country to work and live in the United States. However, when the person acquired employment in a factory, he was usually allocated to the boiling area by the manager. While other employees were rotated, the employee remained in the sector. The boiling department in the factory was harmful if someone stayed for a long time. The constant reshuffle was therefore necessary. When the employee complained to the human resource manager, he was moved to another department, and nothing happened to the harassing manager. The job discrimination law could have been used to ensure there would be no cases of discrimination and disciplinary action taken against the manager. The company could have also complied with the work safety law so that no one worked in an unhealthy environment.

Every institution should ensure it follows the employment guidelines since they aim to encourage a better relationship between employers and employees. The most important laws include job discrimination law and workplace safety law. These laws can be employed in organizations to prevent conflicts and deal with them when they occur. Also, following the employment guidelines will ensure the firm is not involved in many legal battles.


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