Essay Example on Designing an MIS for Soules COB:HML Immersive Learning System

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Date:  2023-09-21


As self-explained by the terminology itself, the MIS is a data repository in the business or education sector that gathers, organizes, interprets, and reports the data of the company. Educational MIS is specifically designed to monitor the educational processes by storing and interpreting data from the online learning platform.

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Would the Soules COB need to design a management information system?

With the development of the Hollywood Meets Learning (HML) Immersive Learning System, Soules COB will also need a comprehensive Educational MIS. The data analytics and tracking devices in the HML will form a part of the MIS for the students. Student data including the progress of the immersive homework, self-evaluative feedback, peer and instructor feedback, and course progress shall be analyzed and stored in repositories and used to cumulatively evaluate the learning progress of the students (Shah, 2014). From a micro-level perspective, the MIS shall be essential in following students' progress by keeping their learning portfolios and assessments progress. These progress reports are useful in understanding the level of content and process comprehension and differentiation required for the various students with specialized learning needs. At a more macro-level, the progress of students may be aggregated by the MIS and the aggregated statistics used to assess the success of the COB in delivering its post-COVID educational interventions. Company data management systems continue to employ more offsite cloud storage approaches in handling and storing organizational information in easily retrievable formats. The cloud sources enhance reciprocal connectivity and prompt data query techniques to ensure a seamless functioning of the Learning Management System the MIS supports (Shah, 2014).

Plausibility of the proposed MIS

The most plausible component of the proposed MIS is the use of cloud locations to store the business-wide evaluation data and reports. Cloud computing is undoubtedly the future of business systems management. Staying in the loop with cloud solutions in data management presents a commitment to the future of information management (Shah, 2014). The least plausible component of the MIS proposal may be the micro-level, individual-student-focused data processing. While the student-focused data offer insights into student progress, the result provided is often (mostly) quantitative and non-relativistic. As such, the individual data of students barely focus on the autonomy and metacognitive abilities of the students.


MIS is an essential component of the proposed HML learning management system. The data processing and reporting from the MIS assists in evaluating the learning business progress at the individual-student and the overall company-wide levels.


Shah, M. (2014). Impact of Management Information Systems (MIS) on School Administration: What the Literature Says. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 116, 2799–2804.

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