Essay Example on Coca Cola's Challenge: Substitutes Amid Health Concerns

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Date:  2023-05-17

The existence of substitutes due to obesity concerns stands out as a challenge for the Coca Cola Company. The health and wellness trend has led to public awareness of the need to consume healthy foods. Products from the Coca Cola Company are of high sugar content that tends to pose health threats to the consumers. The negative publicity on Coca Cola Company is a serious threat to the growth of the company, mainly due to government, public health, and consumer awareness on health issues (Deal, 2018). The carbonated beverages companies have been changing their consumption to products that are healthy and considering carbonates drink with low calories. Regular use of soft drinks is associated with high insulin and blood sugars. To avert the challenge, Coca-Cola should focus on differentiating its products and provide quality products that meet the wellness and health requirements. Investing in brands that are health conscious will show that the company is geared towards contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

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The existence of global competitors and domestic players is gradually shaking Coca Cola's place in the worldwide market. The current rivalry in the beverage industry is moderate. However, global competitors such as Pepsi and other local players are becoming intense due to the quest for dominance. To counter the competitive edge, Coca-Cola should focus on expanding its market share, especially to the significant secondary markets around the globe. Through product differentiation and innovation, the company will be in a better position of responding to the rising competition (Deal, 2018). The most significant part of the competition I based on the development of new products that are in a place of responding to the trends of the consumers. The fact that Coca-Cola is operating in a fierce and aggressive global space means that the company should focus on attracting more customers and draining more sales. The development of strategies that will separate Coca-Cola from the competitors will be a blueprint towards achieving a competitive edge in the beverage market.

Violating the rights of workers has instigated the development of negative publicity for the Coca Cola Company. Violating the rights of workers has been a significant concern, especially in the China region. Coca Cola workers in china are exposed to harsh conditions where they labor for many hours with little pay. This is even though they are involved in the most crucial part of the production (Sharman, Larkin, Fernandez, & Esteves, 2019). In this case, Coca Cola should focus on developing effective policies that will safeguard the rights of the workers. This means that the policies put into place should be based on valuing the rights of the employees. This means that the company should offer equal opportunities to all employees and create a formidable working environment where all the workers will be able to meet their full potential without any form of verbal or physical discrimination (Sharman, Larkin, Fernandez, & Esteves, 2019). This means that the company should communicate all its decisions to the employees to ensure that they are motivated to meet the goals and objectives of the company. In this case, respect for human rights is pivotal when it comes to ensuring that the workers are treated with respect and dignity. Additionally, the company should also focus on valuing the diversity of the workers. Coca-Cola should develop a standing commitment that will ensure that there are equal opportunities for the employees. This means that the working places of the company should be free of political opinion, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion, social origin, color, sex, or race.


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