Essay Example on Career Growth: Reflection and Solutions

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Date:  2023-01-16


Writing a journal diary is an essential approach to writing a meaningful reflection on career placement, which is an instrumental approach towards career growth. Journal entries help to track down activities which is vital in identifying key strengths, challenges, and opportunities which is instrumental towards informed career advancement. If a journal is written well, it can significantly improve creativity and sustainable placement engagement by seeking solutions to challenges (Dyment & O'connell, 2003). However, there are multiple challenges that should be managed to improve the positive impacts of writing a journal entry.

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Potential Misuse

Journals should be used as a reflective tool to facilitate learning and career development. However, journals can be abused by individuals by lacking an objective as well as peer review by other professionals to ensure that mistakes are collected to facilitate informed development and advancement. To prevent the abuse of journals, it is important to develop placement objectives and goals which is instrumental in learning and overall career advancement during volunteer activity (Dyment & O'connell, 2003). Objectives ensure that all the journal entries are career oriented and identify key elements such as learning outcomes.

Accessing Professional Feedback

Professional feedback is an important instrument towards achieving the overall purpose of a journal entry. Good feedback should be timely and professional, but if the feedback is given, wrongly can significantly affect individual motivation and career direction. It is important to evaluate journal entry feedbacks to ensure that only positive feedback is taken and also criticism is taken positively to meet one's overall career development needs (Dyment & O'connell, 2003). However, biased feedback from a malicious individual can negatively affect one's overall gains and can be detrimental to professional development in nursing.


In conclusion, a journal entry is an important learning instrument in career volunteer placement by allowing constructive criticism and continuous development. However, journal entries can be abused if an objective and outcome are not established to promote continuous development. Besides, malicious journal entry feedback from peers and other professionals can negatively affect one's volunteer engagement. Being objective and creating career goals can help prevent potential misuse of journal entries as well as ensuring professional feedback is sought from professionals who have the best interest of the author at heart to provide constructive criticism.


Dyment, J. E., & O'connell, T. S. (2003). Journal Writing in Experiential Education: Possibilities, Problems, and Recommendations. ERIC Digest. Retrieved from

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