Essay Example on Beowulf: An Epic Tale of Strength and Courage

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Date:  2023-03-02

Beowulf is an epic poem that gives the story of a strong-hearted Beowulf. The poem was written in a dialect of Old English by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon author who probably lived in the 18th century (Perfection Learning (Firm) 2010). The poem has three significant scenes: Battle with Grendel, Battle with Grendel's mother, and Battle with the Dragon. The scenes are well described and use figurative language such as metaphors and similes to describe the events in the poem. The descriptive essay will focus on the Battle with Grendel, precisely the battle action itself.

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On this fateful day, Grendel tries to attack Beowulf, who is waiting for him. Grendel tries to attack Beowulf, who uses his arms to seize Grendel's claws. Grendel panics and is filled with fear when Beowulf holds his hands in a very tight grip. Grendel tries to flee from Beowulf's hands, but he is unable to move. Beowulf pins Grendel down completely restricting him, Grendel thought is running away from the fierce Beowulf who is determined to kill Grendel.

Beowulf and Grendel put on a very fierce battle, which causes the roof boards to swing. Although the Herot building has been built to withstand any force that might cause destruction, the building trembles due to the force and fierce fight between Grendel and Beowulf (Perfection Learning (Firm) 2010). Beowulf stands on his feet and tries to push the monster back while Grendel still tries to flee. The benches crash as the boards fall due to the fierce fighting between the two.

Grendel, the monster roars in pain as Beowulf battles him to the ground. On hearing these sounds of fury and pain made by Grendel, the soldiers come to Beowulf's aid with iron swords, unaware that no sword or iron weapon can injure or wound Grendel. Despite this, Beowulf holds on and is not ready to give in. The Danes make sounds which indicate they are in great fear and are terrified when they realize that no iron weapon can wound their enemy. Therefore, their only hope is Beowulf. The fierce enemies continue fighting, making the halls to tremble. The gold furnished tables fall as Grendel tries all he can to escape from Beowulf's firm grip. Grendel screams in pain as Beowulf regains his energy and breaks Grendel's huge arm causing both bone and muscle damage (Perfection Learning (Firm) 2010). The muscles of the monster, which are impenetrable by any iron weapon bursts as Beowulf tears away the division of the beast. The battle ends here, and Grendel is entirely powerless.

Grendel cries out and becomes even angrier, but he has no power to do anything. He is completely helpless and groans because of the deep pain inflicted on him, a monster "a persecutor of humans," by Beowulf, who is a human, strong -hearted in nature.

Grendel, who is fatally injured and almost nearing death, escapes to his den with a lot of frustration knowing that his day to die has come. Meanwhile, Beowulf celebrates by hanging the monster's hand as a sign of victory.


Perfection Learning (Firm). (2010). "Beowulf: The Battle with Grendel" British literature: Traditions and change. Logan, Iowa: Perfection Learning. 125-285. link;

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