Essay Example on 15 Years at Waiting Room Records: Jared Alcorn's Story

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Date:  2023-03-26

Waiting Room Records is an independent record store in Bloomington-Normal, which offers a full range of products and services, including stocking new vinyl and CDs, buying and selling used vinyl, CDs and DVDs; rare record searches and special orders for imported and domestic releases. Besides, Waiting Room Records also stocks a growing selection of vintage clothes. It is owned by Jared Alcorn, who today is talking about the experiences he has had in the Store for the past fifteen years that it has been operational.

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According to Alcorn, the U.S. recorded music industry has now totally bought into streaming, but the revenue from physical products like CDs and vinyl is still a significant part of the major labels' bottom lines. You wouldn't know it by the way record store retailers are being treated, however, as the labels' inattention seems to be accelerating physical decline. The threat of streaming and downloading music is the same as the record store and others. The difference is the money that needs to be paid to the developers of the systems in which streaming occurs and who manages the files. Streaming and downloading of music, both allow a customer to listen to their favorite songs on multiple devices while paying one price for the music. In contrast, it might help the recording companies keep better records of the usage or streaming. It also compares to how radio channels work.

Even though artists attempt to contact the customers directly, they cannot manage the cost of the endeavor. Consequently, they depend on expert endorsers and record companies. Distributing organizations contracts composers and lyricists, and the items sent to record organizations with cutting edge phonographs. Waiting Room Records took part in the innovative changes; hence it was one of the effective ones. It was essential to possess the instruments that molded the purchaser movement. At the point when the business confronted troublesome time, innovative solutions were made as a way to manage the organization's strength in the market.

Additionally, through vertical integration, Waiting Room Records could lower costs and create an effective entry barrier into the Industry. As the Store increased market shares of the overall Industry, it differentiated its investments and produced a wide range of genres. They secured all the significant rack space in the retail locations, making it exceedingly troublesome for other recent contenders to rival them.

Online sales of downloaded music are a significant peril, according to Jared Alcorn. Therefore, the Store needs to focus on the online market rather than the customary retail offices. At the point when the online purchase of downloaded music begins, in massive volume, the Store and artists under it would profit. Initially, it was framed by five fundamental divisions, which are manufacturing, distribution, music publishing operations, sales and marketing. With the beginning of downloaded music, the interest for CD's lessened, so the significance of distribution and manufacturing divisions may have diminished. The Store would instead center on promoting to expand the introduction of their music, deals, and music publishing operations. Industry economics likewise changes.

Finally, owing to the innovative improvement of the Internet, the cost structure has changed in that there will be less staff cost, dispersion cost, and lease required. To be more exact, although it hurt the retailers, for the record companies like Alcorn's Waiting Room Records, the Internet isn't a risk as far as cost structure. Assembling of CD and Manufacturing of CD booklet will be substantially lessened, and distribution and sales, alongside overhead and mailing expenses, will likewise diminish. After examining the moves made by the Store, it may survive.

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