Equal Opportunity: Establishing a Goal-Oriented Culture - Essay Sample

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Equal opportunity: It includes principles of ethical background that every employee should observe to ensure that there is goal-oriented culture among employees.

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Legal Issues: the policy states that employee standards such as wages, equal treatment, and safety should be taken into consideration according to the government regulations.

Products: The Company provides environmental-friendly products; thus they do not affect the surrounding environment.

The policies have been established based on core principles found in the production process. The policies also control all the input required by the company including human resource, capital resource, and materials used in the production process. The policies are in such a way that they depend on the company's culture and the organization's involvement in society. For the company to move into a multicultural environment, it will have to adapt new strategies to ensure that the company in Dellberg does not have more issues.


The corporate policies of the company are important in many ways. For instance, the first policy concerning equal opportunity observe the issues related to the culture of works in Dellberg city. The policy helps in addressing the issues related to working hours, such as part-time and full-time working hours that entirely depend on the culture of employees since they are governed by cultural and social activities.

Since the company policies are established based on the European legal background, the second policy helps in addressing legal matters such as employee treatment, their compensation, minimum wages, and safety standards. The policy will ensure that the financial structure of the company is reconstructed to benefit workers. The policy will ensure that employees are empowered including the high-ranked executives and other ordinary employees.

The third policy will ensure that the company produces products that are friendly to both the workers and the environment. The company produces high-tech products that may be made using dangerous materials. Therefore, it is upon the human resource department to ensure that employees are safe. The policy will work in collaboration with the company corporate social responsibility to ensure that the surrounding environment is protected.

Ethical Issues versus Legal Issues

An ethical issue is a situation where a person or an organization is required to evaluate alternatives and make a decision based on what is wrong and right. The wrong alternative is known as unethical, while the right decision is known as ethical. Legal issues, on the other hand, refer to issues of law or legal questions that form the basis of a case. Legal issues usually require a court to decide. The legal issue also refers to a situation where the evidence is undisputed, and the result, therefore, depends on the court's interpretation of the law. However, unethical act may be against moral standards but not against the law. An illegal action is always unethical; however, unethical action may be illegal or may not be illegal. For instance, smoking cigarette is unethical as it affects the environment. However, it is not against the law to smoke cigarette.

Concerning the difference between legal matters and ethical issues, the company has suffered from legal matters. For instance, the working hours have been reduced, a condition that is against the company policies. Also, the fact that the company has failed to fulfill the community's commitments such as infrastructure development is a legal issue since it has been outlined in the company's policies.

Going against the company's policy is a legal issue because it will terminate the different contracts that are presented in the company's policy. Some of the policies are community-related and breaching such policies may result in legal actions against the company.

Ethical Issues in the Scenario

There are many ethical issues witnessed in Techfite's scenario. First, there is a problem of misuse of resources. Because the company is not capable of paying the workers benefits, there exists an improper leadership that causes abuse of resources. It is evident that after reviewing the budget, the top executive officials have been enjoying excessive benefits thus landing the company into bankruptcy. It, therefore, means that the company suffers from the misuse of funds.

The other ethical issue is Whistleblowing. It is an important element as it ensures that the company accomplishes its promises. The Techfite Company has inadequate whistleblowers to ensure that all actions have been dealt with appropriately. It, therefore, means that there is no effective communication between the workers and the management to ensure that any misconduct in the organization is reported.

Purpose of the Ethics Office

The ethics office is always charged with the role of developing, implementing and monitoring the systems. In the case of the Techfite Company, the moral office was not keen enough; that is why there are still ethical issues affecting the company. In part A1 of the question, the role of the ethical officer is taking part in the development of new policies to ensure they are in line with the company's culture.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It can be defined as a model in business that ensures there is a sustainable development where the social-cultural, economic and environmental issues are addressed effectively for the benefit of all stakeholders. Some of the social-culture issues in scenario include raising employees' culture through observation of the American culture and participating in community events. The company also participate in conservation of environment by ensuring there is minimal pollution.

Community Reputation

Techfite Company should ensure that its reputation is enhanced in the community. The company should first ensure that there is no embezzlement of funds since such practices are related to ethical problems. The company should develop a complete budget to ensure that workers enjoy their benefits, and full-time hours are improved. The company can also build its reputation through involvement in community and youth development programs as they had promised.

Course of Action

The company's environment has a bearing to its success. Therefore, it should ensure that it improves its relationship with society. In some instances, if the community realizes that a company does not take part in corporate social responsibility, they may refuse to provide funds and other essential resources to the company thus making it difficult for the company to achieve its goals. The other course of action is that the company should ensure that they change the organization culture and adopts the new American culture.

The Course of Action: Explanation

The company should cater to youth development programs to improve its relationship with society. Participating in such programs will help to reduce social problems such as crimes thus improving the company's security. Besides, the company should ensure that its waste does not affect Dellberg; therefore, there is need to initiate programs that will ensure pollution is reduced.


Techfite is a company that has well elaborate corporate policies and is determined to ensure that the policies are implemented. They put their policies through participating in the community programs and improving environmental conditions as well as caring for the employees.

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