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Date:  2021-03-13

A survey carried out during the London 2012 summer Olympics indicated that nearly eight in ten Americans were following the progress of the Olympic games either on television, online or on social media. 73% of these followed the games on television, 17% said they had watched the Olympics online or digitally, 12% were following the Olympics on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, 68% of Olympic followers said that they watched the games in the evening after they had already ended while 23% watched the games live during the day (Pew Research Center, 2012). A survey done by the pew research center between august 2-5 among 1005 adults found that NBCs coverage of the Olympic games received high marks from the public with 76% of the watcher describing the coverage as excellent. Only 5 % of the watchers described the coverage as poor (Pew Research Center, 2012). These figures were arrived at after interviewing 1005 Americans all above the age of 18 through telephone. This survey accurately depicted the situation on the ground as millions of Americans were following the London Olympic games and most them did this on NBC. The survey also shows that majority of Americans are interested to know what is going on around the world. It also showed that many Americans are in support of extra-curricular and sports activities for the youth since most of the participants of the Olympics are usually the youth.

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Political survey

A recent survey by Gallup has shown that seven out of ten women have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican front runner Donald Trump. Trump's rating among women has been low since Gallup started tracking it last July says the report by Frank Newport and Lydia Saad. 70% of the women interviewed had a negative opinion about Donald Trump. The number was slightly lower among men with 58% of men interviewed having negative opinions about Trump. The report also states that Trump's gender gap is larger than any other major candidates. Since last year trumps net favorable rating has been declining. One possible reason for the better image among men is because men are usually more likely to identify themselves as republicans whereas women usually identify as democrats. One of the reasons why his image has been worsening is because of his comments about women. These figures are based on telephone interviews conducted monthly from July 2015 to March 2016. This survey displays the real picture on the ground as interviews were conducted randomly and among different numbers of people per month. The interviews were conducted on individuals aged 18 and older living in all 50 us states and the District of Columbia. The poll brings into the limelight that many Americans, especially women, are irritated by Trump's male chauvinistic comments.

General survey

A report published by Stephanie Marken on April 7 a survey carried out by Gallup shows that the number of adults in the us who are not insured has dropped from 11.9% to 11.0%. This is a record low since the fourth quarter of 2013 when they first carried out the poll and in subsequent polls carried out between 2013 and 2016. The number has declined 6.1 percentage points since the fourth quarter of 2013 right before the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act took effect in early 2014 that required Americans to carry health insurance.45000 interviews were conducted to come up with this results. All interviewees were above the age of 18 years old. This opinion poll does not accurately represent the status of all Americans because if it did each of Gallups 2000 employees would have had to interview 159,450 Americans putting into consideration that not all of Gallups employees are located in America since Gallup has branches in other countries. However it is heart-warming to know that American adults are taking their health more seriously and have decided to seek health insurance. The decline has been more pronounced in the black and Hispanic populations. The Hispanic and black population make up the major non-white population in the united states. The decline in the number of uninsured adults in the U.S. is expected to continue decreasing albeit less sharply.

Which celebrity would you most like to have as a friend?

Robert Downey Jr

Whoopee Goldenberg

Johnny Depp

Andrea Bocelli


The Pope

Donald Trump

David Guetta

Nicki MinajSam Smith

Lucy Liu

Tyra Banks

Hellen Keller

Jamie Fox

Angelina Jolie

Tanni Grey-Thompson

Jackie Chan

Jason Statham

Dwayne Johnson

Who is your favorite celebrity mom?

Jada Pinkett Smith

Katie Holmes

Angelina Jolie

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sienna Miller

Jessica Alba

Victoria Beckham

BeyonceKim Kardashian

Naomi Watts

Nicole Richie

Kate Middleton

Mary J Blige

Hale Berry

Amy Poehler

Monica Belluci

Julianne Moore

Gwen Stefani

Brooke Shields

Sarah Jessica Parker

Who is your favorite celebrity couple

Russel Wilson and Ciara

Rachael Ray and John Cusimano

Diddy and Cassie

Nelly and Tae Heckard

Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux

Lamar and Kloe Odom

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Eva Menedez and Ryan Gosling

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Oprah and Stedman Graham

Keira Knightley and James Righton

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Bren

Macklemore and Tricia Davis

Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks

Beyonce and Jay Z

Barrack and Michelle Obama

When asked for their choice of celebrity friend, many of the respondents chose a celebrity who is an actor. Musicians were second in the list. Holding down the third position were politicians which is somewhat ironical considering that America is heading into an electioneering period and candidates vying for elective posts are busy campaigning throughout the country. Last but not least came athletes

Many people love celebrity moms especially when they are also successful fashion designers. This was clearly evidenced in the poll with most of the respondents' favorite celebrity moms being fashion designers. Celebrity moms who are musicians got the least attention with actors averaging between the two.

When asked to name their most favorite celebrity couple, majority of the respondents chose couples that were childless as compared to those that chose couples that had a child. Upon further inquiry most respondents confessed that they considered couples with children as boring and thought of them to lead a dull and uneventful life.


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Newport, F., & Saad, L. (2016). Economic Issues Are Trump's Strong Suit Among Republicans.Gallup.com. Retrieved 9 April 2016, from http://www.gallup.com/poll/189731/economic-issues-trump-strong-suit-among-republicans.aspx

Pew Research Center,. (2012). Eight-in-Ten Following Olympics on TV or Digitally. Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. Retrieved 9 April 2016, from http://www.people-press.org/2012/08/06/eight-in-ten-following-olympics-on-tv-or-digitally/

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