Essay Sample on Visionary Leadership: Key to Successful Organisations

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Leadership plays a crucial role in creating a successful organization. It usually relates to outcomes and situational aspects, making it an important factor in an organization. Visionary leadership is capable of influencing others to create a productive future as well as solve the organizational problems in an innovative manner (Martin, 2016). Visionary leadership always ensures that there is positive momentum and endurance in the organization (Taylor & Colvin, 2014). Leaders of this caliber always encourage, inspire, empower, and equip their staff to facilitate better results. A visionary leader is the best consideration for an organization that wants to move to another high level or want to re-evaluate their vision. The aim of this paper is to highlight the visionary leadership and job description of a high profile and a new company.

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High Profile Organization is a high-profile e-commerce company lead by Jeff Bezos as the CEO and also the founder. As a visionary leader, Bezos has structured the company management that oversees business activities around the world. His visionary leadership styles have played a vital role in shaping the company as it is today (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). A visionary leader creates a culture that is receptive to the strategies they integrate. Bezos has done this by nurturing a culture that has been propagating his management style in the entire company, which has transformed a bookstore into the number one global retailer.

Bezos is still a unique entrepreneur who is humorous and innovative. His transformational skills as a visionary leader have changed the face of the company, from how it was several years ago. Bezos has been the pillar of the major innovative ideas that have been propelling the company, which includes diversification and creation of a customer-centric institution. He is also concerned with performance and thus launched an "A Just Do It" program to impact the management as well as to enhance participatory leadership (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015). The program is very effective since it has a reward scheme which recommends promotions of the staff. To achieve his goals, he also invests in working with intelligent and highly skilled managers. Bezos adhere to various principles that include customer obsession and commitments to operational excellence. Worker productivity in is high and remains one of the top priorities of the Bezos. The company has employed 560,000 people worldwide and serves over 2 million sellers (Kantor & Streitfeld, 2015).

Job Description

Benzos is the president and CEO of His job description is intensive and requires excellent financial and operational knowledge and includes:

  • Overseeing the company budgets and executives
  • Adequate knowledge in web technology and computer science
  • Meeting and directing board members
  • Overseeing the complete operation of the company
  • Taking and listening reports from directors and making the final decisions
  • Revising plans for the profitability of the company
  • Looking for investment opportunities and partnerships
  • Analyzing all the financial budgets and reports
  • Maintaining relationships with industry leaders and community

New Organization

Brandon Poulin is the co-founder and CEO of the LadyBoss Weight Loss company. LadyBoss company is a new organization with a promising future in the industry under the visionary leadership of Poulin (Women's Weight Loss, 2019). A visionary leader is passionate, which is seen in Poulin, whose passion is seen in his efforts of growing companies and teams to serve the world in an excellent way (Young, 2016). His passionate leadership has made the very new company, LadyBoss, to encompass multiple premiums of women products that include digital personal training activities like custom weight loss training. His visionary leadership has enabled the company to help women in losing their weight while still loving themselves.

A visionary leader is known to be emotional about customer welfare, but rational when it comes to numbers. Poulin has used this quality to make LadyBoss grow fast as women's weight loss. He has used his skills to flourish the company and believes the company will grow if emotions are pulled away from all the aspects of the company except the customers. The strategy has been very effective since, over a short period of operation, customers are now 20,000. He has used metric-based leadership in scaling the company. Visionary leaders are known to invest in people, and this is what has transpired to Poulin, which has made the team grow to 70 people. The worker productivity in the company is relatively low because it is still new and is projected to increase in the future.

Job Description

Poulin is the CEO, as well as the founder of the LadyBoss company, which guides and oversees all the operations of the company. The primary description includes:

  • Strong proven experience to facilitate organizational change
  • Understanding and experience in the fitness industry
  • Making major corporate decisions
  • Manage the overall resources of the company
  • Corporate operations
  • Engage professionals, fitness experts, and life coaches as partners
  • Acting as the spokesperson of the company
  • Recruiting and hiring staffs
  • Building alliances as well as the partnership with other organizations


Visionary leadership usually relates to outcomes and situational aspects, making it an important factor in an organization. It is capable of influencing others to create a productive future as well as solve the organizational problems innovatively. A visionary leader creates a culture that is amenable to the strategies that are integrated. Visionary leadership comprises of an individual who is passionate, dedicated and has the required knowledge in running an organization.


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