Ecology Essay Example on Clean Air Act

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Date:  2021-04-01

This is a United States governmental decree premeditated to be in charge of air affluence on a nationwide level as well as protecting human wellbeing. This act was initially conceded in 1973 and modified in 1990. (Smith, & Sauls, 2015).

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Major provisions of Clean Air Act

The act positioned the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) responsible of civilizing as well as scrutinizing the countrys air eminence. The Act gave the EPA powers such as; setting sanitary air principles; creating research curriculums, putting into effect regulations in addition to providing technological and monetary support to state and local administration powers towards curbing pollution of air. The act as well led the EPA to institute National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) to be in charge of the release of several substances that was a threat to air quality. In 1990, the act experienced significant amendments which led to widespread reforms to the administrations techniques of handling air pollution. (Anderson, 2013). Also, the law placed into effect new rules on vehicles emissions by targeting the reduction of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons from assembly plants and automobiles. Also, the act required innovative vehicles to adhere to strict pollution principles by installing pollution control gears. Moreover, the law dealt with toxic air contaminants.

The economic impact of the clean air act

The growing economy and clean air go together. The clean air act prevents pollution as well as protecting the well-being of workers and families of the U.S. It has opened up market prospects that have facilitated to motivate innovation in cleaner knowledge which the United States has turned out to be a worldwide market leader. (Walker, 2013) Financial welfare, as well as trade and industry development rates are enhanced since clean air refers to minimal air-pollution related sicknesses, that sequentially means reduced capital spent on health check management along with lesser absence amongst American employees.

The clean air act has significantly improved the environment since the Americans are inhaling less pollution as well as facing minor dangers of early death along with other solemn health effects. It has also reduced environmental damage from the air. The act also requires that the new industrial plants, as well as factories, are designed using the modern pollution control technology. Power plants have curbed the emanation that leads to acidic rain and course harm to public health. (Portney, 2016). There is also a reduction in throughway air pollution that has resulted in achieving further health advantages and assisting downwind states attain health-based air quality standards for fine ozone. The Act has also led to measures that defend the ozone layer saving millions of people from eye cataract and deadly skin malignancies. The act has also encouraged exploitation of clean expertise and has assisted in providing momentum for skill modernism that lessens production and control expenditure.

Sound science has proven that global warming release presented jeopardy to community wellbeing and thus is a realistic hazard. The EPA has revealed that global warming toxic waste is related to hotter as well as longer heat influence that is a threat to the physical condition of the unwell, elderly plus the poor. It also augments in land echelon ozone affluence and great weather conditions which can cause deaths along with stress related sicknesses. (Walter, Stevens, Verhoeven, & Boxall, 2014) The U S should take on additional rules or laws to restrain conservatory gas emission because this will be necessary for achieving greenhouse gas reduction target and continue substantial emissions lessening even after the coming years. These policies should encourage reducing worldwide warming release in the clean air law because they put in danger communal healthiness.


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