Drones on Ethics and Morality Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-20


According to Ganser (2016), wars are not aimed at helping society; instead, they are personal stands taken for the benefits of specific individuals. Ganser (2016) asserts that, in consideration of the wars in the Middle East, the aim is to particular nations to benefit from the exploitation of oil and gas in those regions. By dividing the Middle East where America owned Saudi Arabian crude while Britain owned the Persian oil, while they both shared the Kuwait and Iran oil, the nations were willing to overthrow any government that was not in line with their arrangement as witnessed in Iran. The speaker, however, is not biased; instead, he only points to the real flaws in the system (Ganser, 2016). The ethical issue raised includes the use of propaganda to start unnecessary wars simply because nations that are more powerful wish to gain as witnessed in the attack on Iraq. What is more unethical however is the failure of the citizen to see past the lies they are given aimed at manipulating them to support wars.

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Drones on Ethics and Morality

Drones are a technological advancement aimed at helping the battles fought in the world to have fewer casualties. However, as asserted by Ganser (2016), there is no authorization from the UN to the USA to use its military action anywhere. Additionally, a declaration by Congress of war or wars of self-defense is non-existent. Therefore, the fight against the terrorist organizations including ISIS, al Qaeda, or anyone else especially in the Middle East is unjustified. Killings in the Middle East by the US drones are unjustified which is immoral. Ethics call upon respect of persons regardless of who they are, however, drones do not discriminate between the good and the bad; instead, bombings are usually aimed at destroying the target with no hope of survival. To generals, no longer is it tiresome to put an army in place before invading another nation; instead, a simple call could authorize many drones to destroy another country. Such power makes the world unsafe because, regardless of how one looks at the situation, weapons will always be used to destroy lives hence morality and ethics are compromised.

Speaker's Opinion

Yes, I agree with the speaker's views and arguments. The thought of wars being fought to benefit few people in power is not a lie, for example, looking at the present state in Libya and comparing the nation to when Muammar Gadhafi was in charge, the country is entirely in shambles. While he was viewed as a dictator, those who orchestrated him to be overthrown regret the chaos they have brought into the country. His arguments are hinged upon the bargaining model of war where governments have conflicting interest yet they do not reach an agreement resulting in conflict. For example, while Syria rejected Qatar's offer yet went ahead to accept the Iranian proposal. By allowing the Iranian offer, the battle in Syria is being fought merely because one nation could take the decision made by another country. Additionally, his argument is also hinged upon the information theories where a universal consensus is that most of the wars are caused because citizens are not given full information about the incidences; instead, propaganda is used to fool the nations into believing that the battles are and aimed at making the world a better place. All this theory is seen in the wars in the Middle East; besides, trusting politicians to make decisions beneficial to their citizens is uncertain.


Ganser, D. (2016, July 13). War and Peace in the 21st century - the stories in our minds [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.google.com/url?q=www.tedxdanubia.com/videos?performer%3D2826&sa=D&source=hangouts&ust=1534526900752000&usg=AFQjCNEZk0BxX4fWd1j5f3EfojZWs9iJkQ

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