Dracula Style and Relevance

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Date:  2021-03-13

In the writing of Dracula the author of the book generally uses a straight forward and basically immediate style of work. This is through the depiction by the note at the beginning of the book. The purpose for these notes are aimed at trying to depict the events within the whole story. This presentation is in such a way that they appear as simple truths despite the fact that in reality they are hard to believe.

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The presentation of these journals at the beginning is aimed at making the reader experience the events as they unfold. This makes the experience of reading fun because the reader assumes the role of a judge. It tends to bring an aspect that makes the reader feel as if the events are unfolding in the reality. The characters having to write in their journals makes we the readers, experience events similarly as they do. As a reader you also get to experience the thrilling aspects of the story and the dull aspects as the characters state them.

The use of the diaries is also used to remove the reader from the immediacy that results from narration. This is especially in the horrifying scenes of the book, for instance, during the attack of women vampires, a mother is depicted as clamoring to her dead daughter. This style of work makes the events more vivid while at the same time distancing the reader from the first-person scary aspects. The use of the episodic style makes the story become more astonishing, clearer and one that you can believe.

The epistolary style from the beginning of the book to the end presents the reader with different perspectives concerning the major characters. What the author achieves by applying this kind of a style is that the author is able to reinforce the aspect of presenting the reader with different perspectives about the reader. The epistolary style also tends to offer the author to create room for inclusion of more narrators within the story. By doing this it means that from whichever viewpoint you decide to look at the story you can interpret it in many different ways.

The author also tends to achieve the readers understanding of the characters motivation by the use of an episodic style. This is because the style tends to strengthen the importance or significance of the content text and add more vale to it. This is an added advantage to the writer. Unlike in the continuous pros books whereby the reader lacks knowledge to understand what motivated a given character to act in the particular way he did. This is also essential in the identification of the situation for the reader and get to carry out an in-depth analysis of the characters while keeping track of what you have learnt as the story unfolds.

The episodic plot also tends to be easy to in terms of following. The plot refers to the scenes that cover individuals and events which are interlinked by simple chronology as opposed to the relationship that results from cause and effect phenomenon. In Dracula this particular plot is important in making the reader get the emotional aspect of the characters. The author is also able to apply different types of styles in one book.

Metamorphosis style and its significance

The author of metamorphosis greatly applies the style that makes the whole story sophisticated and ironic. To start with the author's selection of the title metamorphosis in a great way awakens my curiosity and on reading the book I get a different aspect of metamorphosis the author therefore succeeds in arousing my curiosity as a reader.

The styles used in the writing of metamorphosis particularly aids in exploration of trying to understand myself better. This is in terms of establishing my identity, sense of belonging and being tolerant in certain circumstances. This is especially due to the fact that I am young and going through the transition state to adulthood. The aspects of styles in the book are stated in quite a sophisticated but in gaining the deeper insight I get to relate the story with real life realities which makes it very interesting.

The use of symbolism in the book in a way enhances my understanding of the complex themes within the book. For instance the metamorphism itself. Also the symbol of a picture having a woman in the beginning of the book. This automatically made me feel and realize at the moment Gregor had been left alone on the room. The picture is also used to depict the struggling Gregor as he was desperately to try to relate with the human beings in his last days.

Irony is also used in the book and it affects my reading by awakening my sympathetic feelings as I attempt to put myself in the setting. This is especially with the fact that when Gregor was working and earning he did his best to support the struggling family, however when he transformed into the giant insect despite the fact that the family members knew he was part of them, they did all that they could to lock him out of their lives. This is an essential style in awakening the sympathetic feeling of the reader.

Through the application of the symbolic style the author is able to capture the readers emotions and curiosity. This is because the symbols used are exaggerated and the reader will definitely try to follow the story in a bid to find out what will be the end of this transformation. This is also so as it is depicted that it was a dream therefore the reader will keep reading expecting that the reality will be restored.

Also the author's choice of using the narrative style provides him with an opportunity to comment on the feelings of the character and this is essential in making the readers understand and gain insight of how the character is trying to cope with his situations.

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