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Domino's Pizza is a corporation that focuses on the production of Pizza with various branches worldwide. The headquarters of the corporation is in Michigan, Ann Arbor. The services provided by the company comprise of the preparation, selling, and delivery of Pizza. Consumers make the target market for Domino's Pizza. Flirtey Enterprise is an organization that focuses on providing delivery services using drones for e-commerce and retail products to the residences of consumers. The organization's headquarters is in Nevada, Reno, and increases the success of online services by delivering goods. The services offered by Flirtey enterprise are dependent on the type of deals made with another organization. Don Meij is the Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Domino's Pizza in Australia, working under the lead CEO, Richard Allison. The role of Don Meij centers on overseeing and managing the activities of the company in Australia and the managing director of the enterprise. Flirtey Enterprise is led by Mathew Sweeny as the current CEO and co-founder of the company. Mathew Sweeny's role as a CEO involves overseeing the production of quality technology, the growth of the company, and ensuring all employees satisfy their tasks. Thus, fostering the growth of the enterprise (Jin et al., 2019.

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The cultural diversity in Domino's Pizza due to the presence of various franchises in most parts of the world provides a representation of ethnic groups. Despite Flirtey being located in the Western part of the USA, it comprises of people from different cultural diversity. Flirtey enterprise encompasses people from different races, genders, beliefs, and religions. Besides, both companies have a culture that honors all the employees' backgrounds and beliefs. Domino's Pizza and Flirtey's Enterprise have undergone profound changes in the market. With the production of quality products in Domino's Pizza, people are interested in and order food. The services provided by Flirtey enterprise support online deliveries allowing consumers to get food while in the comfort of their homes. Therefore, the net profit of both companies has skyrocketed over the past five years. The organizational structure, culture, change, and recommendations are included in this report.

Organizational Structure

An organizational structure involves a company's system with a structure identifying the employee's roles and responsibilities. The changes in the structures over the last five years boosted various changes resulting in the growth and expansion of the corporations (McShane et al., 2016). Domino's Pizza has a flat organizational structure with a hierarchy running from top to bottom and vice versa. Flirtey Enterprise has a corporate organizational structure with different departments identified and recognized with its functions. Profound structural changes have occurred in Domino's Pizza and Flirtey Enterprise. The structural changes in Domino's Pizza over the five years brought a shift in the market, production, and delivery strategy. The market of Domino's Pizza has increased rising its net profit overproduction. Besides, the company has opened more franchises in different countries worldwide to ensure consumers. Besides, to save time most consumers spend on traveling to a center to buy food, the company is focusing on building more franchises within cities. Besides, Domino's Pizza made a deal with Flirtey's Enterprise in 2019, allowing drones from Flirtey to make deliveries on orders made by Domino's Pizza clients. Flirtey Enterprise has expanded in its market due to the continuous shift of most business in the online market. Since the drones produced at Flirtey are reliable and faster when compared to deliveries made by people, many companies in public and private markets depend on the organization's services (Rasper, 2017). Currently, due to the world epidemic, Flirtey has reduced the employee's numbers to lower numbers to avoid increasing the level of loss. Therefore, the structural changes for both organizations shifted over the five years, allowing the expansion of the business, the inclusion of more consumer needs, and the rise of net profits. Their shares have increased, their website traffics risen, and quality productivity increased.

Various design improvements can be made to the existing organizational structure of Domino's Pizza and Flirtey enterprise. Domino's Pizza, being governed by a flat structure and hierarchical levels, lacks the presence of different measures that can improve performance and profitability. Flirtey bases functioning on the responsibilities of individuals per department (Jin et al., 2019). Most decisions are made by individuals at the top of the hierarchy in Domino's Pizza and individuals at the top departments In Flirtey enterprise. However, for more productivity, a decentralization process is applicable, allowing people to take part in decision making despite their level in the organization. As a result, the company will perform and recognize more issues better. Since organizations with the hierarchical structure are more expensive as the company grows, Domino's Pizza experience a lot of overhead loss, and all employees' inability to express their ideas. Expressing ideas is a challenge since managers seem extremely powerful with their roles, including governing the other stuff. Therefore, both companies can benchmark from one another and share ideas on their organizational behavior (Druehl, 2018). Sharing knowledge increases their ability to apply positivity acquired from a corporate or departmental structure and a hierarchical structure. As a result, employees learn better ways to apply specialization depending on their departments in Domino's Pizza and better ways for leaders in the top hierarchy to work with the other staff in Flirtey enterprise.

Organizational Culture

Chapter 14, and the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino Manila case study, Flirtey's enterprise and Domino's Pizza can ensure a smooth structure and performance (McShane et al., 2016). The companies can avoid adverse effects from the change of personnel at different levels and hierarchy due to the respect of individuals at various levels by sharing espoused and enacted values. Espoused and enacted values help employees be professional at work, avoiding being affected by any changes. Promoting and respecting the organization's cultures but also taking heed of personal beliefs and cultures is another way. Personnel will feel appreciated and respectful of the culture in the company employing them (Hogan and Coote, 2014).

Most importantly, an organization can ensure that the corporate culture is not affected by change by decrypting the company's culture using artefacts in four ways. The use of artefacts increases the sense of unity, belonging, and the essence of the family for the employees. The use of artefacts to increase the employees' understanding, respect, and appreciation of the company's culture is a success through the use of stories and legends about the company since it began with the expected behavior. Also, leaders using specific phrases and language while communicating using the organization's culture is another method (Hashem, Freihat & Homsi, 2020).Ceremonies and rituals for celebration and treating visitors or customers is another way of using artefacts. The use of artefacts in the building structures and office designs makes the fourth way thus, bring people together with a sense of unity; thus, no cases of changes within the organization affecting other workers.

Different ways of implementing change on Domino's Pizza and Flirtey enterprise's culture apply through external alignment, moderate strength, and adaptiveness. Therefore, looking at external alignment, imminent change is already applicable, whereby Domino's Pizza merged with Flirtey enterprise in the delivery of products to consumers using drones (Chui, 2017). The strategies applied need to work with other companies and be more competitive with organizations that have similar products. The organizational culture built within Flirtey and Domino's Pizza involves all employees allowing them to work well together with people in the organization and outside. As a result, it is possible to identify, manage, and understand how to deal with any competition creating a great environment that aligns with the company goals. The companies can then satisfy the desires of the consumers and still have a rising net profit. Moderate strength and adaptiveness can be instilled within the culture of Flirtey enterprise and Domino's Pizza to impact change through the identification of the disadvantages of the used structures. Benchmarking from other companies using different structures helps identify better ways of increasing the organization's strengths (Alvesson, & Sveningsson, 2015). Adaptiveness allows the company to have other ways of increasing profitability despite any challenges internally or externally. Due to learning, understanding, and implementing various cultures, the organization can easily adapt amid any encounters. Applying the four strategies helps strengthen an organization's culture and implement change using external alignment, moderate strength, and adaptiveness. These strategies are drawing, choosing, and socializing workers, using culturally-consistent prizes, matching artefacts to the purported culture, plus applying the behaviors of leaders and founders (Liu et al., 2018).

Organizational Change

Communication, environmental issues, and the quality of the products are the three key issues that lead to the change process (Taylor, 2016) The communication disparities among workers brought a challenge. Improving communication raised the need for change in Domino's Pizza. Environmental issues due to many in disposable waste products were solved through the change implemented by Flirtey enterprise. The services proved allowed recycling, thus, keeping the environment safe. Before Domino's Pizza improved the quality, shape, packaging, and taste of their fast food, many consumers had complained about it and funny videos released on the topic. Changing the quality helped retain and increase the number of consumers from the company. Hence, profit was gained instead of a loss (McShane et al., 2016).

Basing on Force Field analysis, forces are driving and restraining the changes that took place in the two companies. The companies' visions, the leaders' goals, the approximated profit net worth, the organization's growth, and outshining competitors are the driving forces to change (Benn et al., 2014). Due to these forces, the marketing of Domino's Pizza and Flirtey enterprise improved, the companies expanded their business, the government approved the services they offered, and the profits attained were immense. However, some restraining changes provided a challenge to the organizations' fluent abilities to influence change. Employees being unprofessional, communication problems, low productivity from employees while dealing with tasks, poor leadership, inefficient strategies, and lack of proper planning are some restraints to change. Therefore, to better the situation and achieve the goals the companies have succeeded in currently, the forces restraining changes were viewed as issues that need improvement (Raghnaill, & Williamson, 2014). Employees went through proper training to be efficient in their roles and responsibilities. Leaders with poor skills were taken through training seminars while others let go of their positions. The companies set realistic goals with plans aligning with the set time to change the restraining forces into strategies of implementing change.

Recommendations, Treaty of Waitangi

The application of protection, partnership, and participation as the three principles of the Treaty o...

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