Discrimination Against People With Mental Health Problems

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Date:  2022-03-29

1.2 Theme

Mental illness is a state where a person suffers from a mental disorder problem. It is a health condition which involve changes in someone emotions, thinking or behaviors. Mental illness can be or is always associated with distress brought from work, family or any social activities. His condition is treatable ad that is why many people who suffer from this kind of illness can continue with there daily activities like other people.

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In many instance people with mental health problems are faced with many difficult challenges in their work places and their area of residence due to their mental conditions. They tend to be discriminated and sometimes feared due to there behaviors in which they can be violent a times. Many of these people may be aware that they have mental health problems but they fear sharing the issue with here employers. This may be because they fear o be discontinued from their work or they fear to be discriminated. Their attitude towards other people always differ and there are those who always feel discriminated by the public and also there are those who have find it normal living with this condition and are just normal living with other people.

On the other hand, the public have different perception on mentally ill people. There are those who view mentally ill people as violent and people with different emotions which may prompt them to fear the mentally ill. But there are also those people who see the mentally ill as normal people who only need some special attention. There are those who would not see any problem living and working with mentally ill people, but there are also who fear living and working with people with mental health problem.

The theme of this research therefore is to investigating attitude towards mental illness amongst employees of different organization. This is the general perception on how many people or rather employees have on mentally ill. This research will go deep and dig the true feeling of the public towards mental illness, it will also use references from other similar researches in its literature review to get more relevant information.

1.3 Literature review.

1.3.1 The Latest Survey Shows Many People Are Less Likely To Discriminate Against People With Mental Health Problems

England did conduct the latest research recently on mental health problems. There was an improvement in public attitude by 6% generally in phase 2 of time to change series which started in 2009. This means that for the past three years more than 2.5 million people have an improved attitude and good perception towards mentally ill people. The results were as follows; There was a 9% increase in willingness by the public to live with people with mental illness (57% to 66%). There was 8%who live or stay nearby to a person with mental health illness. It improved from (72% to 80%) 7% regarding willingness to continue in a friendship relationship with friends who once had a mental illness (82% to 89%). There was a 7% hick in the desire to have a working relationship with a person with mental illness (69% to 76%)

The study also showed that the people acknowledging to know a person who has once suffered or is suffering from mental problem increased from the 2009 figure which was 58% to the current picture which is 65%. An excellent encouraging figure of (68%) which is about two third of the respondent now are able and know what kind of advice to give the friends on reaching a professional help to help them in their mental illness.

1.3.2 The Effects Of Personal Experience With Mental Illness On The Attitude Towards Individuals Suffering From Mental Disorders

Two studies were carried out in Germany in 1990, and 1993 with the intent of examining to what extent does the personal experience as a mentally ill person might influence one's attitude towards mental illness on other people. The survey was directed and focused on people who have once been in the state of mental illness, how they felt in that state and how mental illness affected their attitude and perception on mentally ill in their current state.

The survey also reviled that individuals with personal experience in mentally ill status did not easily adopt the distancing and antipathetic attitude towards persons suffering from this mental disorders. This showed that the individuals who are familiar with the illness tend to care/feel more for the people who are in the state of mental illness than those who have no personal experience. This may be due to their own experience with the illness may have made them understand what those with the illness are going through.

The findings of the study were merely the outcome of the possible effects selected, meaning that individual who tends to have a more positive attitude towards the mentally ill people were more inclined to stay in touch with the latter, hence having greater experience living with mental illness.

1.3.3 The Survey Shows The Greatest Improvement In Public Attitudes To Mental Health In 20 Years

A study that was conducted in 1993 by TNS and analyzed by the Institute of Psychiatry London was carried to measure the change levels every year since 2003.The research shows that two million people representing (4.8%) of the total population have their attitudes towards mentally ill people improved. (2.8%) Improvement comes from the year between 2012 and 2013.

The research shows that more people progressively have continued acknowledging mentally ill people that are 64% in the year 2003 as compared to 58% in the year 2009.49% of people who were interviewed felt it was uncomfortable sharing their mental health status with their employer. Other improvements include 79% of the people are now are not the subject of mock compared to 75% in 2008.Majority of the population now belief according to the study that anyone can attract mental problems representation of 92%.

1.3.4 Community Study Of Knowledge Of And Attitude To Mental Illness In Nigeria

Nigeria in sub-Sahara region was taken as a sample representing a community to determine knowledge and attitude towards metal illness. From the study, it was found that the poor knowledge especially that of causation was common among the population. Many people had negative views on mental illness in this region. 96.5 %( s.d=0.5) of the sampled believed that people with mental illness are violent and dangerous and harmful this is because of their violent behavior . Most people therefore, would not tolerate the fundamental social engagement with people who were mentally sick. From the study, it was also found that 82.7 %(s.e=1.3) could not avoid holding any conversation with mentally ill because of obvious reason of being afraid. Stigmatization of mentally ill people in Nigeria was practiced at large.

1.4 Aims of the study

The aim of this research includes:

  • To compare behavior of mentally ill compared to others especially employees from certain organization.
  • To know how the public feel leaving with mentally ill personalities and how they appreciate or discriminate them.
  • The study also wanted to know if people with mental health problem are shy of sharing their health status to their respective employers.
  • The study also aims to investigate if the is an equality of rights to mentally ill people in their work place.
  • To investigate how dangerous is it leaving with someone who have a mental health problem.
  • The study also aims to investigate if the people with mental problems should be pooled to one side.
  • To know the perception of mentally ill people to the society they are living with.

1.5 Research question

In this research there were several research papers that the research was dealing in, in order to achieve he general objective of the research and these are; Should organization and employers do more to promote the mental health of employers? Should people who are mentally ill have the same rights to a job as anyone else? How do people think about there fellow employees who are mentally ill?

1.6 Methodology

1.6.1 Method Chosen

Self completion questioner will be designed and shared via Google forms to specifically target members of the access higher education at reading college. The questionnaires will also be distributed to different kind of employees in different organizations to get to know their attitude towards mental illness. Use of questionnaire will be the only means of collecting data in his research.

1.6.2 Justification Of Method

Questionnaires are known to provide relatively quick, cheap and efficient way to obtaining big sum of information from a given sample of population. It is easy ad quick to collect data as the researcher should not necessarily need to be there or present when the questionnaire is being completed. This is more useful for a large population where interviews cannot be done.

The other advantage of using self completion questionnaire is that participants will be given privacy in answering questions and decide an appropriate time to respond to the questions. The method will probably give right answers as compared to interview completed which is prone to biasness from interviewer.

1.7 Questionnaire

Twelve questions were constructed where ten were open answered on basis of yes/no while two will be open. The choices were to benefit closed questions to compare answers to questions which were same over large mock-up of respondents. The questionnaire was designed to obtain data on attitude in order to compare attitude between those suffering from mental illness and those without. The two closed question is made to capture rich data based on their reasoning in respect to beliefs and attitude. Data collected is also captured on age, gender and occupation.

1.8 Ethical issues & integrity

Research integrity is where verifiable and honest methods are used in proposing, evaluating, and performing or writing research papers. It also involves reporting results from a research with particular keen attention that should be adhered to rules, guidelines, regulations and closely following all of the commonly accepted or preferred professional norms or codes.

Ethics in a research are defined in many ways, but for me, I understand ethics in a research as the set of standards and rules that govern the way the scientific research and other compiled research papers are done at institutions of research such as colleges/universities.

I will ensure ethics and integrity in my research by personally ensuring that the questionnaires were well answered and data correctly extracted from it and well represented to ensure accuracy. I will use the sample techniques that can easily bring accurate results and would be verifiable if there is any need to do so. I will reference that will go in line with my research and will be easy to follow up with.

1.9 Validity and reliability

This research paper is valid as it is the work from scratch. I have personally written this work and thus making me the original owner of this research paper. I have generated a questioner which I am going to use it in collecting data that will be analyzed to get the final findings of the research. The research paper will also be reliable as it will be available to be checked for verification and also if anyone would want to use this research, the information in it will be reliable as it is from an original source.


A sample of 150 participants which comprised of students at reading college responded to questionnaire. from the questionnaire, (32%) of the sample ranged within age of 19-29; 30% ranged within the age of 30-39; (23%) ranged within the age of 40-49; (13%) ranged within the age of 50-59; and 2% aged over 59 years. From the sample 63% were specifically students wh...

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