Definition of Four Dynamics of Inferiority Paper Example

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Definition of Four Dynamics of Inferiority

Hypercritical - Refers to a feeling of dissatisfaction with everything and every person around an inferior person.

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Evasion-The act of running away or avoiding one's responsibilities with a motive of obscuring some deficiencies from others.

Escape - Downgrading each and everyday activities in self-pity, daydreams and fantasies.

Failure - Repercussions of inferiority feeling rather than the cause of inferiority.

Example of Dynamics of Inferiority

A good example of inferiority in life can be explained using an individual who feels inferior due to his/her height. In case such as the person is shorter than the normal average height, the person might become so much concerned with his/her appearance that the individual might engage in certain activities such as changing diet to be slimly hoping to appear taller. If such an action is taken seriously, it can lead to obsession and low self-esteem.

Application and Analysis

In the above case, the short person faces inferiority complex problem and is trying to compensate for a condition of feeling like they are less compared to other people. One element seen in this person's behavior is being hypercritical whereby there is dissatisfaction of self-worth. Also, the individual brings out an element of evasion by trying to run away from life's normal responsibility and engaging in physical activities that would hide his/her deficiency which is shortness. In the long run, the person sinks into a feeling of escape (self-pity) as a result of repercussions resulting from "failure."

Four Mistaken Goals of Belonging

Display of inadequacy - A display of feeling of failure to succeed in either in useful or useless ways in life thus leading to an entire failure.

Power - always engaging in a never-ending struggle to be in control or bossy within a social group.

Revenge - hurting others in an attempt to regain a sense of belonging or at least share the pain with another person.

Attention - Failure to get noticed results in a withdrawal behavior aggravated by constant criticism and inferiority complex against other people.

Example of four mistaken goals of belonging

Everyone in life passes through a stage of childhood. This is a stage in our life is when we begin realizing our sense of belonging. This refers to the concept of connection when one tries to fit in a particular group in society. However, in case of a mistaken goal of belonging, we experience certain characters that make one feel lost, insecure and people tend to embark on a journey to re-connect.

Application and Analysis

In an attempt to reestablish one's belonging, some of the mistaken sense of belonging entail displaying "feeling of inadequacy" characterized by a feeling of failure to succeed in whatever one encounters in a social group. For instance, a child faced with a challenge of a new sibling at home will feel dethroned and would feel she/he has failed to fit in a family. The victim will in turn resort to a mistaken goal of "Power" to regain control through an ever ending war. The quest for reconnection can go as far as hurting other people (Revenge) to regain a sense of belonging. All these actions arise due to a lost sense of significance and belonging arising from failure to get noticed (attention).

Two types of jealousy

Normal Jealousy - it is among frequent kinds of jealousy mostly among romantic couples which refers to a healthy feeling of mistrust at a particular time in society.


Two engaged couples having a quarrel about a longtime female friend to the engaged man.

Abnormal Jealousy - can be described as moody and psychotic feeling between two people in a relationship contributed by a feeling of rejection and mistrust.


An obsessed and insecure husband acting mentally immature in the name of being concerned.

Application and Analysis

Jealousy can be normal or abnormal behavior experienced by anyone at one point in time despite how virtuous one is born. Jealousy can, therefore, be attached to various forms of relationships and situations which include romantic, work relationships, friend or family relationships. Jealousy graduates from normal to abnormal when such instances where an individual is alleged as a threat in a situation that does not present itself as a threat.

Two elements of an inner critic

Constrict ability to be creative - A person with an inner critic narrows the capability to explore opportunities by being innovative in society.

Example: A discouraged child who has given up on math homework due to the parent's response to the child failure.

Suffer from low self-esteem - Characters tend to feel less needy or less worthy among another social group.

Example: A family member from an abusive family which does not recognize and embrace proper family virtues that display consistency and positivity.

Application and Analysis

The torment resulting from inner critic leads to a feeling of rejection and loneliness where one feels less worthy (Low self-esteem). The feeling interrupts with one cognitive ability to grow in life since there is a misplaced sense of belonging thus constricting one's ability to grow and be creative in nature. The condition graduates to multiple factors among them being depression, anxiety and an array of self-destructive behaviors.

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