DC Shoes: Product Development and Promotion Strategies Paper Example

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DC Shoes is an American footwear organization that has specialized in extreme sports products. The organization was founded in 1993, and it is based in Vista California, and the organization has over time made its name in active terrain footwear products. The organization sustainability has been built upon mutual relationships with the media, suppliers, team riders, customers, and its employees. This paper will assess DC Shoes marketing activities and how the organization prices its products and targets its consumers.

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Describe some ways in which DC Shoes spreads the word about its brand to its target market?

DC Shoes through its relationships with the media and potential consumers it can market its products by sponsoring extreme sports. Through sports, the organization has established a cost-effective approach to market its brand to the potential customers. Most customers who engage in active terrain sports recognize DC Shoes brand due to the organization active involvement in sports activities. DC Shoes customers can easily identify with the brand products through sports which are widely televised which further promotes the organization brand awareness.

Discuss DC Shoes marketing strategy, and the role athletes play in DC's brand development.

DC Shoes has been able to develop an ambitious digital marketing strategy by engaging athletes in social media. Social networking today is recognized as a significant market for many brands because many people today own smartphones and are on social media networks. As such, athletes have massive followership in social media which has helped DC Shoes to advance a successful social media marketing approach (Tuten & Solomon, 2017). Most athletes who identify with DC Shoes are in social media which makes it easy to publicize the organization brand. Through YouTube videos on the organization YouTube channel, the organization has been able to capitalize on its relationship with athletes to promote the brand.

Explain how DC Shoes determines its pricing strategy.

DC Shoes has invested in premium and quality extreme sports footwear products and targets athletes and young consumers who buy based on the influence of the sportsmen and celebrities involved with the brand. DC Shoes can create interest through the use of influencers and differentiate its products using celebrities which makes it give its products premium prices (Kim, 2016). By influencing the target consumers and using celebrities, DC Shoes can sell its shoe products at a higher price compared to its competitors.

Describe the ways in which DC Shoes assesses the level of demand for a particular product.

The ability to assess the product demand helps an organization to determine the prices of the products with high demand being linked to high prices. DC Shoes create desire through its athlete based social media advertisements and can be able to derive the level of demand based on how the target consumers receive its celebrity based advertisements. The higher the number of views and popularity of the product the higher the demand for the related product (Tuten & Solomon, 2017). As such, DC Shoes can easily determine the demand for its products by assessing how the target consumers receive the digital advertisements.

Explain the concept of the product lifecycle and the associate the DC Shoes product development strategy with each stage of the product lifecycle.

A product lifecycle refers to the product's sale and profitability in its lifetime from the introduction of the product to the introduction of a replacement brand. DC Shoes product life cycle begins with the introduction of the new product with limited production. After marketing the product using athletes and celebrities the organization uses the feedback received to improve the product and produce in mass where the product is initially highly priced. During this time the product undergoes exponential growth, and the organization intensifies its marketing activities. After a period, the product publicity starts to decline after which DC Shoes offer discounts and reduces the product prices. When the demand falls, DC Shoes creates a plan to introduce a new product which replaces the outgoing product. DC Shoes product lifecycle seeks to create sustainability of sales and to maintain its market share.

Describe the factors that differentiate DC Shoes from its competitors.

DC Shoes brand can differentiate its products from its competitors through the organization relationship with the customers. The value packaging of the organization products using endorsements and sponsorships in important sports helps to label DC Shoes brand as a premium footwear producer. The organization attaches celebrated athletes to its products which have contributed to setting NC Shoes brand apart from its competitors.


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