Dacosta's Article on the "Audacity of Canada 150" Review

Paper Type:  Article review
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  595 Words
Date:  2022-05-09

Dacosta's article on the "Audacity of Canada 150," may be argued as an eye-opener to many people who knew little about the nation. Many people have always had a misinterpretation of the kind of nation and whether it takes matters of diversity and inclusivity seriously. It is from the case that the paper is premised on arguing about Canada not deserving the recognition of being a diverse and inclusive nation. The article of Dacosta primarily builds the argument.

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The beginning of the article is marked with some resentment. The author mentions his lack of preference for being identified as a Canadian. The argument exists even as many people have always viewed the nation as great considering its provision of health care services to the citizens. Others also see it as a place where refugees can always seek refuge provided the right procedure is followed. These have always been the impression of what the country looks like yet there is much more which explains the resentment at the beginning of the article. The country does not deserve the reputation of embracing diversity and inclusivity since its entire narrative is full of problems and exhaustion. The events which happened before 2008 were characterized with the non-Canadians going through and difficult moments. Some included starving, torture, sexual abuse and other acts of physical and mental torture.

There were also incidents where people were forced to participate in medical experiments. The understanding of the point is that they were used as the primary agents for the experiment to determine the strength and validity of drug. The drawn is not only harmful but also inhumane. There were also events when people were tortured in the electric chair. The indigenous people were not allowed to speak their language and were punished for embracing their culture. For one to stay peacefully in Canada, he had to speak English, however, difficult it was, and that was the only media of communication.

It is worth noting that diversity and inclusivity cannot exist when people are not allowed to embrace their cultures and speak their language. For a country to be recognized to consider the duo (diversity and inclusivity), it must be ready to accommodate every person from all walks of life. It must also be ready to accept the differences they come with based on their beliefs, culture, and language. These are the basic tests required for a country to be recognized as diverse and inclusive. Canada failed on them. Further to that, the Canadian government to date has refused to give millions of documents which documented how the indigenous people were subjected to inhuman treatment. The government feels that the documents will enable the world to realize the true picture of Canada and have a different opinion. The reports have been withheld even as a call for action is being voiced to allow the reconciliation with the inclusion of the language revitalization, education and other important issues which the indigenous people were denied or not allowed to access. Canada, therefore, exists as a nation deeply rooted in the colonial narrative characterized with 150 years of violence, torture and colonial invasion of the indigenous land. It equally pretends that the findings that were provided by the TRC report did not truly cover the real issues but favored the indigenous people.


In consideration of the case argued in the article by Dacosta, Canada do not deserve the reputation of being a nation which embraces diversity and inclusivity. The nation should take a keen interest in reconciliation and make necessary changes which promote the purported areas of reputation.

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