Essay Sample on Foreign Policy: Impact on International Trade and Harley-Davidson

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Date:  2023-02-06

Economically, international trade plays a vital role in the growth of a country since it creates jobs which earn the government more revenues. According to Trump, establishing foreign policy was a critical aspect that could help to maintain and improve the interest of Americans. This was an essential concept that could give Harley- Davidson more opportunities within the internal market. However, this policy critically interfered with the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which focuses on the elimination of trade barriers among countries. Like any other U.S. multinational companies, Harley Davidson would be highly affected by America withdraw from the agreement (Grant 90). A large number of CEOs and economists believed this was a critical aspect which could affect the economic growth in the country as it would reduce the production rate. After the establishment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, Harley Davidson was exporting goods in other countries such as Thailand at a high rate. This was a critical concept the company was engaging in the 2008 global financial crisis.

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Despite the establishment of Harley Davidson in other countries, the company has faced heavy competition. Multinational companies from Japan and Europe were producing high-quality products, which were how Harley Davidson was penetrating in the market (Ronn, 28). Establishment of strong innovation such as fuel injection and drive belts gave Harley Davidson competitive advantages. In 2001, Harley Davidson was primarily focusing on the American market (Guillotin & Kwon 4). Due to the success of the local market, Harley Davidson started establishing various assemble points such as India, which was an essential market outlet.

In marketing, leadership is a key aspect that affects how activities are conducted. In Harley Davidson, there has been a lot of changes in the past 50 years (Grant, 46). This changes affected the business skills, which are key factors marketing. According to Chief Executive Officer of Harley Davidson, Matt Levatish, technology skills in marketing has highly affected how the company is operating (Ronn 9). Normally, stock price behavior was an essential aspect that the company used to measure its global performance. Establishment of more changes in the company was perceived as an essential approach which would help to overcome the ongoing operational and strategic challenges (Guillotin & Kwon 8). As such, the company would focus on improving its production so as to serve all customer's needs. Additionally, strategic changes would help the company to focus on adaption and standardization of product, which was an essential factor in a global scale.

In comparison with Mintel Group Ltd, Harley Davidson have faced a high rate of international competitions. Mintel Group Ltd has continuously produced more brands which are relatively cheap and economical to use. This has triggered more challenges in the success of the international market. Normally, Mintel Group Ltd produces more advances motorcycles such as sports bikes which are more effective in various regions (Ronn 20). For instance, Honda is one of the brands that is highly competing with Harley. The success of Mintel Group Ltd has been facilitated by high-quality products and standard price. Additionally, the company is striving to ensure it produces more innovative products which maintain and attract loyal customers. Due to this perception, Mintel Group Ltd has been recognized in various parts of the world. This has created more challenge when Harley Davidson measures its brands' values. For many years, the company has been focusing on a certain group of customers (Guillotin & Kwon 7). However, Mintel Group Ltd produces products which can be used by various groups of customers such as women and men. This has facilitated the introduced of a more positive outcome in the company.

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