Cyrus The Great

Date:  2021-03-04 21:15:06
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King Cyrus the founder of the Achaeminid Empire has conquered the kingdoms of Media and Babylon and being a general in his army I have had the chance to witness this great dynasty bequeath unexplainable rewards to its people. The Achaeminid Empire stretching from the Balkans to central Asia has presented a diversification in cultures and religions which delivers a chance to increasingly gain immeasurable knowledge for the empire.

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Conquering Babylon presents two profound opportunities to the empire. It has brought opportunities to control strategic trade routes, but issuing of Cyrus Cylinder continues to baffle me. This is however in a good way. Through this charter king Cyrus, has proclaimed his views on the rights of nations and people under his rule. Minority groups and practices are allowed to practice their religion and traditions. Respect and consideration for a peoples customs enables smooth operations in the empire and for this reason I concur with the kings decree. Moreover, ensuring that the subjects are able to peacefully worship and exercise their religious obligations portrays the tolerance that is necessary for a politically stable and successful empire.

Collaboration between a ruler and his subjects requires scrutinizing the needs of every group in the empire. The defeat of king Nabondius of Babylon places Babylon under the rule of King Cyrus. Different minority groups such as the Jewish who were liberated from Babylon now form part of King Cyrus Empire. Such minority groups in his rule are key in administration of the empire's policies and functions. Offering this groups freedom to exercise their customary responsibilities has become key in ensuring the empire remains peaceful and is able to reach maximum potential in its actions. Therefore each of the groups in the empire presents opportunity for the whole well being of the empire and a chance to exercise its practice will aid in preventing a potential rise of rebellion.

Serving as an army general has bestowed upon me the qualities of leadership which have enabled me to skillfully exercise my duties. Soldiers in the kings army look upon me for instructions and guidance The chance to perform this obligation towards the growth of the empire has offered me satisfaction in my caste . The great counsel of King Cyrus the Great, has laid a foundation upon which I can provide necessary insight in the task of leading the empires army in liberating and conquering nations. Being part of the wheel that has enabled the success of the empire has allowed me to appreciate this responsibility.

Being a general has made me a vessel to transmit authority and leadership to people. The decentralized form of governance in the empire is key to its growth. The instructions provided by the king are passed to the governor who then delivers them to the army general. Towards the battle of Thymbria I ride my dromedary camel, I am responsible for ensuring this instructions are followed and strategies in execution of my orders are adhered to. Being in the army means that I have to part with my family for a certain period and hence oblivion is bound to occur. The responsibility of ensuring the soldiers are safe is laid upon me. Furthermore I have to act as the emotional fort upon which each of the soldiers can look upon and see a beacon of victory and hope.

My desire to see the empire grow supersedes the ambition to obtain greater authority. The profound role of the military in reform and liberation under the reign of the great king Cyrus provides a sense of fulfillment as a general. Nevertheless, it would provide even greater satisfaction to be part of the Satraps council involved in consultation during decision making. For me the promotion to this higher social caste would be a great accomplishment. I intend to display prudence during quests to facilitate the rise from this caste. Self discipline and patience is required if any of that is to be achieved. Upon elevation I will be in a higher social standing that will be both a source of pride and honor to my family. I can totally see myself striding alongside the mighty general Harspagus on the magnificent streets of the capital with my golden breastplate whilst all stop to stare marveling at my high social standing. The image of such glory in the service of my emperor and his mighty empire is motivation enough to strive for a higher social caste.

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