Curse Words in the Contemporary World: An Analysis

Paper Type:  Argumentative essay
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  508 Words
Date:  2023-01-09


In the contemporary world, curse words have progressively come into current utilization as millennium generations hear and learn to converse using them in innovative approaches. In the past decade, it was uncommon to overhear any random persons use "goddamn it," or "shit," o in daily dialogue? This words have managed their way into popular culture- into hit songs and television programs, company names, and even in a book. Despite extensive use of the majority of curse words, some word such as cunt remains virtually unspeakable in public sphere.

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The XY generation, where brought up knowing curse words were made out as a big deal. It was usually featured in movies, music, and shows, but was only preserved purposely form adult viewers (Ascencio, Para.2). Young people were always taught not to articulate any of those curse words, but somewhere along the path of children upbringing they words lost their shock value.

Social media has been the most significant contributors towards losing of value shock for the majority of curse word. Specifically, music played in radios and TVs have a considerable percentage of persistently used curse words in their content. An excellent example of such songs is All About the Bass by Meghan Trainor (Chepkoech, Para, 6), which made a big hit that song as much as in motivating women to embrace their natural body, but the singer utilizes vulgar language against thinner women. Other songs are Anaconda by Nick Minja, Crazy Kids by Kesha, and, Black and yellow by Snoop Dogg have some similarity in kind of curse words in their lyrics.

However, some words such as Cunt have not lost their shock value. Cunt, for instance, experiences one of the biggest challenges towards amendment, basically because of its suggestive source meaning. Particularly, (Morales, 2) claims that on bases of biological term and use as a deliberately demeaning direct address. The biological suggestions on its particular female significance, historically recognized as a dysphemism, the firm taboo of the word in a dominantly masculine culture and the belittling connotations which have extremely become attached to the word, it is incomparable by any other phrase's capability to culturally and socially shock community in current Day English. Religious limitations have been strong push again amelioration of some of the curse words.

Whereas, many claims that curse words give user freedom of speech and those words have become harmless. Disputing religious claim again the use of curse words. Therefore, young who avoid using those words are usually viewed as too religious and traditional.

Curse words despite a few they have become so common that they lost their shock value and it easy to use in modern society with no judgment passed on.

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