Cultural Heritage of Nepal: Land of Mt. Everest and Beyond - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-16


There are different cultural orientations in every part of the world. People behave in a certain way depending on their cultures. Nepal is one of the countries around the globe that have a rich cultural heritage. The Hindu-dominated country is landlocked and is located in the southern part of Asia, along the southern slopes of the Himalayan Mountains. Nepal is home to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Since the country borders Tibet and India, its culture is highly influenced by the two neighbors. With a diversity of features characterizing a multidimensional cultural heritage, Nepal provides an exceptional experience through distinctive festivals, dance and music, attire, and art and architecture.

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My experience of the Nepalese festivals is a unique one. These people have numerous festivities that they celebrate every year. Durga Puja, also called Dashain, is one of the major Nepalese festivals that I was glad to experience. The Nepali Hindus celebrate this festival to mark Goddess Durga's victory over the Mahishasura demon between September and October, which they refer to as the month of Ashvin (Subedi, 2018). The festival took 15 days during which the people had feasts, performed the puja, held public processions, recited the scriptures, gave gifts, and visited friends and family members, among other activities. Some other festivities celebrated in Nepal include Diwali, Mahashivratri, Phagu Purnima, Buddha Jayanti, Indrajatra, and Gaijatra(Subedi, 2018). These activities involve distinct activities.

I also got a chance to experience the music and dance associated with the Nepalese culture. The Nepalese tell stories and express their emotions through these forms of entertainment. I realized that apart from adorning the appropriate attire during the performances, they incorporated instruments such as the Sarangi, Panchai Baja, Dhimey, and Madal to make the presentations highly entertaining. Some of the popular dances include Panchabuddha Nritya, Dandi Naach, Gauna Nritya, and Dhan Naach, among others. The People of Nepal attach great significance to song and dance because the Hindu mythology asserts that the God of dance, Shiva, used to perform in the Himalayas (Subedi, 2018). Nevertheless, the music and dance provided notable entertainment.

Additionally, the mode of dressing among the Nepalese provided a new experience. Unlike in the United States where the dressing is highly liberal, the Nepalese adorn traditional attire that includes the Gunyo-Cholo for women and the Daura-Suruwal for men. The men wear the double-breasted Daura on top and fasten it with eight strings while the Suruwal functions as the trouser. The women, on the other hand, wear the Gunyo like a skirt with the Cholo as the blouse. The people of Nepal adorn the apparel on various occasions as an expression of their cultural heritage.

Also, I experienced the art and architecture of the Nepalese. I visited some monasteries where I found beautiful paintings portraying Buddhist and Hindu deities. The Nepalese people also make and sell pottery, and items crafted from wood and stone. Tourists even buy some items as souvenirs. Notably, the dominant styles characterizing the Nepalese architecture included the dome-shaped stupa, and the tapering multi-storied pagoda one. These artistic and architectural forms are crucial elements of the Nepalese culture as they define the people's way of life.

The Nepalese have a variety of highly significant customs and traditions that I experienced through the diverse cultural features engraved in festivities, attire, music and dance, and art and architecture. The experience demonstrates a vibrant culture that makes Nepal one of the most attractive countries in the world.


Subedi, M. (2018). Traditions in research on society, culture, and health in Nepal. In State, Society and Health in Nepal (pp. 1-20). Routledge India.

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