Critical Essay on The Tempest: Scene 4

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Date:  2022-05-30


In this scene, Prospero was saying goodbye to Gonzalo, Sebastian, and Alonso. Rather than of living the scene in act four the scene ends when Prospero is left alone to say goodbye and therefore he has no one to talk to or nobody responds to her craziness (Shakespeare 12). When providing an alternative ending the three actors must continue staying on the island. Alonzo responds to Prospero idea he was not ready to leave the forsaken island. Both Sebastian and Gonzalo are both confused and concerned about Alonzo idea of staying in the forsaken island. Their main worry is the throne and Gonzalo asks him about the throne and what their work would be if the king decides to stay on the island. Alonzo explains to Sebastian and Gonzalo that he is old for the throne and his son has proved himself worthy of it. He asks them to stay with him and they would help him carry out farming, and fishing to provide for themselves.

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Prospero's Farewell and New Beginnings: Ariel, Ferdinand, and Miranda Enter the Scene

Ariel, Ferdinand, and Miranda enters the scene. Ariel refers to Prospero as Master and asks him what can he do for him. Prospero appreciates Ariel by describing her as a hardworking servant and promises to free him since he will not need his services. Trinculo and Miranda wedding is on and Prospero starts making plans for their wedding only to realize that Trinculo is a woman. Prospero is in shock because it is illegal for a woman to be an aide of a king. Trinculo explains that she kept it a secret since traditions do not allow women to hold some position in the royal house. she also said that she was engaged to marry an old man when she was a young girl and that was the reason why she ran away from her home. The man was horrendous and wretched and her parents were ready to marry her for money. When all the actor turns into the ocean, they would see Stephano disappearing into the horrific depth. He was always drunk and this has finally caused his death. They keep silent for a moment without knowing what to say about Stephano.

After some few seconds, Boatswain, Francisco, and Adrian enter the scene and Boatswain sobs for an awful sin he has committed. prospers asks what kind of a crime is that Francisco explains that he had murdered every man upon the trip and no man remains. Boatswain repents for his sins and defends himself when he tells Prospero that there was no water for the men to drink and therefore he was left with no other option.


The play ends when Prospero enters alone. Caliban and Ariel realize their love for each other when they are sailing across the ocean. They later marry on their farm and are blessed with spirit fish children. Ferdinand and Miranda sailed to Naples and became rulers for many years and they were loved by their subjects. The island became a peaceful and prosperous nation under Boatswain and every bein was fulfilled and happy. Antonio is released from prison and is made the servant of Prospero who is now the great royal adviser.

Work Cited

Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. Ed. Peter Holland. New York: Penguin, 1999. Print.

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