Critical Essay on The Dignity of Difference: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks' Path to Coexistence

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Date:  2023-03-12


"The Dignity of Differenced" by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks is an exceptional allegory that responds to the 9/11 tragic events. Sacks seek to found through three various religious bodies, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, the road to coexistence, tolerance, and respect for difference. In his apprehension, the author reiterated that it is the only religion that is capable of bringing peace between different religions. If it is part of the outlined problem, it can be used to be part of the needed solution. However, in his book, the author maximizes the use of quotations to explain his intended purpose as well as other integral issues that he wants to exploit in the rift between religions. Significantly, Sacks also argue that his reasoning in faith is essential in shedding light on various global challenges on the age of the unprecedented changes. This paper focuses on examining significant quotations that Sacks use in his book and their significance in explaining his intended purpose of the text.

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"Nothing has proved harder in the history of civilization than to see God, or good, or human dignity in those whose language is not mine, whose skin is a different color, whose faith is not my faith and whose truth is not my truth." In this quote, Sacks tries to evaluate the difficulties that are seen in is seeing God and determining the dignity expressed by a human who differs in their religious beliefs, races, and place of origin. The aftermath of the quote asserts that in trying to validate the integrity and essential rationales that bring people from different backgrounds together, other integral elements still hold the process asunder. Similarly, it reveals that in arriving in the generosity of the spirit, there is a need for each faith to find their characteristics that will not deter others from progressing. According to the revelations in the Judaism sacred texts on the twentieth-century tragedies and insecurities, it is worth noting that the correspondence of human dignity and the good that is needed in the actions are based on the nature of activities that they exhibit in various occasions. However, to assert the credibility of the actions portrayed by people, it is worth noting that it is God who can teach humankind the value of peace and the necessity of practical things. Overall, the choice of this quote allows readers of the past incidences and rivalry that were evident between religions an opportunity to comprehend their usefulness in asserting the role of humankind in the entire allocation.

"If there was one thing on which the architect of Western modernity agreed, it was that organized religion had run its course." Although critics have argued that the organized nature of religion can easily be replaced by the other substructure of beliefs that are based on rationality, Sacks maintains that the entire argument is based on lucid respondents that can be used to build a stable religious body. The conflict about religion that awakened in the late sixteenth century and early seventeenth century reveals that the nature of faith that is evident in most cases is characterized by the quality of leadership that had been evident during the era. Organized religion was believed to reduce the intricate differences that were realized among different religious bodies and beliefs, as well as insists on revamping the integrity of leadership that holds them together. The quote maintains that regardless of the complexity that other systems could expose people to in various instances as they try to validate their relationship with other agencies, it is worth noting that if a religion is adequately organized, cases and incidences of divisions are minimal. The relationship that is deduced by people within such rationales reveals and outstanding and glittering achievements in reaching the intended. Overall, the choice of this quote is to reiterate the significance of organized religion and why most people prefer such systems in dispelling specific differences that can be realized within their efforts of creating a stable religious body and which is capable of addressing issues within the body without expressing setbacks.

"Many have no longer believed that there is consensus on the common good in societies that have become pluralist and multicultural." The quote holds that due to the vastness of most societies today and some underlying issues that keep the people within it together, it is worth not noting that most of them have lost the meaning common good. Among others, they argue that the government has no right to making collective decisions on what they termed as good but rather can only evaluate the correspondences based on issues that hold them together. It is the role of a person to make individual conscience and choice based on the explanations that can be used to explain the marginalized ethical considerations that can be evident from their procedures in decision-making. This vice is also similar to some issues that are integrated into international stages and their significance in maintaining a stable and coherent body. Overall, the quote allows readers and novice explorers to transgress over issues that can jeopardize their thoughts in creating a stable environment for exercising religious activities.


In conclusion, "The Dignity of Differenced" captures meaningful incidences about the events that were seen in early religious establishments. The book has meaningful quotes that try to explain the usefulness of various spiritual aspects in society. However, most of them aim at creating a safe environment for social practices.

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