Critical Essay on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Charlie and chocolate factory is a book of the children by author Roald Dahl. It is the story concerning young Charlie adventures in the chocolate factory. Charlie and the chocolate factory is a film by Tim Burton as the director, and the writer is John August. The film basements were tar British novel through Roald Dahl in 1964. It has got the film star namely Johnny Depp who is Wonka and Highmore Freddie called Charlie Bucket. The discussion concerns comparison between the book and the film

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In the book, it is clear that Charlie does fail to find the ticket from the bar that was available in the birthday the one which he purchases with the dime gives him and the first bar he gets with money from the street. After buying another bar, he arrives and finds the ticket. In the film, it is evident that Charlie receives and detects a chocolate bar a day before his birthday and has no ticket and purchases a bar by use of grandpa hoard money secretly and still has no ticket. More to that Charlie purchases only rare candy in Newsagent with cash he gets on the street and gets a ticket.

From the book, the Charlie location is unstated people assumes it is from the UK due to the author. Version publication states that found gets a piece f fifty-pence and those from North America indicates that Charlie gets a dollar bill. From the movie, it is not clear on the location of Charlie. Filmmakers allege that place is ambiguous it is unclear

It is also evident that during the Charlie birthday, he offers to share with his family whereby the family disagrees.afterward, he opens the present of the birthday at morning while from the film, he still contributes to having his family enjoy his birthday, family neglects but accept later whereby he opens the present previous night before his birthday

From the book, mike comes and emerges from ten feet tall factory which is thin as wire whereby Mr. Wonka alleges that mike will be tremendous player of basketball while in the film it is evident that mike exist the factory which is ten feet tall and thin as well which is comparable to water

From the book, grandpa says to Charlie concerning several candies of Wonka and about his job for Pondicherry prince. the following night he speaks about the secret employee and workers and the spies while from the film, the grandpa tells the Charlie concerning candies of Wonka, Pondicherry Prince, the factory of Wonka which is closing and the trouble of the employees at night when they are having dinner

From the book Oompa Loompas clothing and wearing, children should wear nothing; women attire should consist of fresh leave while the men should wear skins of deer. from the film, factory workers should use cloth in jumpsuits which are of shiny plastic and colored depending on the room working allocations and for those who have specific jobs should wear according to their positions

From the book, the candy shop owner has no name and his described is fat and someone who is well fed. More to that, he had fat cheeks, fat neck, and big lips and excited when Charlie gets a ticket from his shop and stops the people offering to buy from him while from the film, the shop owner is also unnamed, a black man who is fat. He is also excited when Charlie gets the ticket from his shop and still stops people willing and offering to buy from him. From the book even Mrs. Salt who is verruca mother describes that she is an ugly blond lady called Angina, she is also fat and teaches geography while from the film verruca mother is beautiful with hair blonde, she is skinny and trophy wife.

From the book, Mike Teavee is addicted to gangsters and television while from the book Mike Teavee is addicted to internet, video, is very happy with games, for instance, the first person games of shooting and seems to be blight than all the mikes mentioned and has an anger character. From the book, concerning Wonka welcome, he engages in very little dance while from the film, he has an automated and elaborate puppet which ends into flames and after the show, he appears and applauds as well

From the book concerning the invention room, according to Wonka, Oompa Loompas are not allowed into the room. at later the Wonka tells a couple of Loompa Oompa to get into the studio to juice the room form the violet rolling . from the film, various Oompa Loompa is making candy and tasting it before it turns to blueberry

From the book, in violet Beauregarde, the process of gum chewing makes one proud, and the ultimate result is the habits which are unhygienic. From the film in the Violet Beauregarde, chewing the bubble gum is for sports reasons and considered as a competitive. From the book, in the verruca and violet, there had been no interaction or any form of friendship whereas fro the film, verruca, and violet are the best friends and avoid any shame. They do not interact as expected up to the point that even when verruca incites her mother after violet becomes blueberry

From the book, Charlie was together with Grandpa who is Joe while the four bad children were with their fathers and mother while from the film, Charlie was with grandpa, mike and his father, Augustus accompanied with his mother, verruca accompanied with his father while violet with his mother. About the poem in the book, Wonka sings about the direction of the boat which is unknown while in the film Wonka does not sing any. No one knows where they are

From the book, the father of Wonka is not mentioned, and Wonka alleges that he has no family and his father is dead while from the film, it is evident that he is Wilbur Wonka who is a dentist and that he came with the movie while Wonka disappeared from the father in his childhood

In the book concerning the fate of evil children, all leave the factory while alive but with lasting effects which are visible and their parents are said to be absent from the illustrations the book mentions them while from the film, all leave the factory with lasting and visible effects and the example are intense and dramatic.


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