Critical Essay on Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home

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Date:  2022-04-15


Dan Ariely emerged the only participant who was able to get rid of himself of Hepatitis C because he followed instructions to the later as described by the physician. As described by the doctor, Ariely followed the treatment instructions of taking interferon thrice a week without skipping, and this made his treatment successful. Ariely was under the motivation of procrastination as well as self-control. Although the injections were miserable and disturbing one's condition, he knows one day he would be free of the infection, and this motivated him. The other participants in the experiments skipped injection of interferon, and this led to their unsuccessful treatment of hepatitis C. According to Ariely, it is important to follow the psychological argument of immediate negative effect seeking for a long-term positive effect, and this motivated him towards interferon medical treatment compliance (Ariely, n.d.).

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For cognitive tasks, the relationship between bonus size and worker productivity is inversely proportional. This is to mean an increase in bonus size regarding incentives results in having negative impacts on the performances of workers. According to Ariely, Big Bonuses hurt worker productivity. From the Indian experiment, Ariely noticed that there are negative effects associated with big bonuses which including hurting workers productivity, therefore, reducing their output at workplaces. Paying high bonuses is of importance in increasing workers productivity when it comes to mechanical works. Companies and most business organizations pay high bonuses to executive workers who deal with more of cognitive works that are those related to use of the brain. According to Ariey, this kind of bonuses negatively hurt executives work performances as they will tend to overthink on simple matters such as acquisition, mergers, as well as coming up with complicated work output that is far less required nor effective in the organization. This will, therefore, hurt the executive's normal output, and this is where most companies go wrong when it comes to paying bonuses(Ariely, n.d.).

Workers performance in private is always high compared to performance in public. This is because performing in private exclude an individual from social pressure associated with working in public. Social pressure affects the performance of individuals as there is need to prove to the public your workout and this is always disturbing for most human beings as well as animals. Performance in private therefore reduces if not eliminates all social pressure and this is why people perform more than twice in private than in public. Without feeling a sense of meaning in our work, the output tends to reduce, and this is always disadvantageous to the overall company performance. One of the success factors in business is the employee sense of meaning at a workplace. This will enable employees to work at their maximum output as well as associates well with their fellow workers creating good teamwork in the company's operations. With no sense of meaning at work, all this vanishes away, and the work output of employee, therefore, diminishes to the point of no output which reduces business operation (Ariely, n.d.).

It is the nature of human beings to overvalue what they make or produce, and this is the reason most people value credit for the work they did. IKEA effect, therefore, considers this argument to mean the valuing of what individual make or produce. An example of this effect in the business setup is the company taking credit for a successful task, product, or service they completed and made publicly seen as successful. IKEA effect hold since it creates a sense of ownership as well as good public reputation towards the success of a task. IKEA effect didn't hold when one didn't complete a task. This is because there will be nothing to value in the end as the effect depicts in its logical argument. There is no value in the incomplete task, and this contradicts with the value assigned to what an individual made. This, therefore, makes it near impossible for KEA effect to hold on incomplete task (Ariely, n.d.).


Not-Invented-Here bias is a form of stupidity found globally where individuals find it hard to accept ideas from other making sharing of ideologies a problem. This forces individuals to resist inventions and innovations made by other people who are not them and them means people they consider as their members. In severe cases, Not-Invented-Here bias leads to no borrowing of ideologies at all from other people. This Not-Invented-Here bias holds due to the selfish nature of human race into acknowledging the effort done by others. It is the nature of human race to go for an activity or a program where they have an added advantage, and this is what creates an idiosyncratic fit. The idiosyncratic fit is the feeling of enjoying an added advantage towards completing a task thereby beating competitor or opponents in the task. Saying sorry is the most important thing to do when it comes to restoring a spoilt relationship. The power of saying sorry therefore rests in the good relationship restorations which in turn are good for growth and development both in the business sector as well as in individual social being (Ariely, n.d.).


Ariely, D. (n.d.). Chapter 1-5. In the Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Work and at Home (pp. 1-118). New York Times.

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