Critical Analysis of an Article: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

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Date:  2021-03-26

The United Nations have devised several sustainable development goals. The goals focused on ensuring that all the countries in the world they move together in conjunction which will lead to improved living standards of every individual globally. There are seventeen goals which were developed by the United Nations, which are essential for every given country. In this paper, I have done a Critical Analysis of an Article on the goal; Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure based on the following sub-topics; currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and finally the purpose of the article.

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The article on Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure was first published on 20th May 2012.The final draft written on March 2013 and the whole suggestion concerning its implementation were later amended and compiled July 2014. The initial reviews of the article are essential as they give an overview of the achievement of the goal. The report is reliable in such way it is flexible. When new ideas regenerate during the implementation, they can be written down leading to the analysis of the goal. The article comes at a time when most countries are undergoing a crisis, and they need unwavering transformation regarding their strategic plans based on this aim including Singapore which is an already developed country but still lacking behind in its infrastructure, industrialization, and innovation. The latest update of the article was done on 3rd September 2015 although numerous items revolve around the same concept currently published.


The goal encompasses vital issues that are; Industrialization, Innovation, and infrastructure. Innovation has a greater impact on the development of new skills and novel ideas, in particular on the technological basis to utilize in the industrial sector. Infrastructure such as shipping and air travel provides the background for the operation of the enterprise and the society as a whole. Industrialization provides at a meshwork for the development of the job opportunities, reduction of poverty, and determination of the economic growth of a country. The information and the communication technologies are also the forms of infrastructures to be incorporated. The goal is relevant to the world since the implementation of this program is what bring the world to be a global village this improves export and import activities leading to improved living standards. The issues mentioned above are affecting us in one way or another. Therefore, this topic is very relevant to my research.


Liz Ford, the publisher of the article, works with the Guardian news center and Media Limited. He also writes about economics, banking, books and science he studied economics in New York, and this gives him an upper hand in the writing of such articles, and he is also a prominent writer known for many years. Since he also works in conjunction with others in research and collection of information in the Guardian news center and limited, he is very reliable, and the information should be taken into consideration instead of debating on it. The press center is also realizable since it has been on the market for several years working with countries such as the UK, US, Europe among others globally. They are also known to make constructive criticism on issues affecting with the government.


The milestone of the secondary source in the United Nations sustainable development goals is among the goals that are in place. The yearly analysis is conducted to see the achievement of the program and also the related shortcomings. The validity of this article ought to strengthen it since the sources of information is very reliable and also can be referred to very easily just at a glance. The link for accessing the article is, United Nations sustainable development goals. It gives full evidence for the need for infrastructure, innovation, and sustainable industrialization. Lack of implementation of this essential goal leaves many countries in the dark.


The critical agenda for the writing of this article aimed at fostering innovation, promotion of sustainable and inclusive industrialization and the construction of resilient infrastructure. Through this, it could be possible outline the various intensive work that researchers have done and provided statistical data and analysis of the need for the integration of the program.

As a result of the dynamics of the economic growth, climate changes and social development there is a need for technological, industrial and infrastructural development, these capacitate the need to embrace the spirit so as to compete favorable especially a country like Singapore to be at par with other nations. Although many countries remain stagnant and are not up for the task in the implementation, for instance, the Britains prime minister David Cameron who denied the implementation of the program openly. The policies governing the implementation of this program should not leave any table unturned since its a determent of the projection and the economic growth trend of a country.

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