Crisis Management Essay Example

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Date:  2022-05-17

Action strategic plans and the communication factors are outcomes that need to be addressed before a crisis occurs. The Red Cross organization is a classic example of crises management and adherence to laid down action plans that are activated on a communication strategy. The organization communication units are reliant on established relationships as during a crisis occurrence companies cannot be able to establish new business relationships. Organizations should aim to have business relationships that can be called on for help when the need arises. The relationships do not affect the competitive factor but underline the need for strategic achievement that can save and a company from collapse (Barton, 1994). Companies need to recognize that public perception of a crisis is vital for solution catering.

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Recognition of the crisis alters the mindset of the assumptions and shoves the company to the reality factor. Historically companies have been known to wrongly classify a problem thus offering a solution that is ineffective and further undermining chances of recovery (Devlin, 2006). The shell group company got governmental permission to dispose of oil storage contained in the Atlantic Ocean. Greenpeace protestors landed a helicopter on the ship's deck. The shell company dosed the helicopter with water cannons. The action was condemned and the company was forced to shelve its plans on the sinking of the oil-rig.

When it comes to containing the crisis, companies need to have ready data on action plans and effective communication within an external and internal strategy. Facts should be shared immediately and human knowledge must be sustained in order to contain the crisis (Devlin, 2006). Companies should have a clear voice for what they stand for and effectively actualize the action plan. Resolving the crisis should be done as speedily and efficiently as possible with zero margins of errors. The resolve factor is integrated with the need for a company to profit from the crisis (Augustine, 1995). While this action plan may seem undesirable, companies should recognize that its response to a crisis sets the tone for its immediate future. How a company handles the aftermath of the crisis is relevant to its longevity and profits.


In conclusion, companies can avoid crisis and collapse of the company by avoiding the crisis, handling the crisis while resolving and containing an effective aftermath of relevance and profitability.


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