Paper Example on Madam Sindah's Bitter, Unprofessional Tone: Impact on Communication

Paper Type:  Essay
Pages:  3
Wordcount:  650 Words
Date:  2023-07-18


The tone by madam Sindah is bitter and unprofessional. The tone portrays the bitterness of the senior to the juniours. Upon reading this, the employees will have the highest order of intimidation. When such a tone is used in a memo, aspects of emotions are involved and which significantly affects the readers' message perception (Guffey, 2012). According to Hamilton (2013), this type of communication will impact fear and threats on the recipients, and therefore the effectiveness of the communication will not be significant. Poor toe creates an imminent attitude toward the reading of such a memo. The words used are scaring starting from the introductory part- cleanup! A very negative tone also the closing remarks as a poor tone that could make the recipient feel like a rant of command. The tone does not express the message of the memo but concentrates on the issues that make the manager angry.

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Potential Barriers

The memo is a composition of confusion, starting with the writer to the reader. There is a mixture of ideas, and the efficiency of understanding such a message is minimal. The message is likely to face a wall of unwanted emotions from the usage of rude words in the memo. An office memo should be formal, but this memo is poor and informal. On the introduction part, content containing the elements of an excellently formatted memo is not followed. The sender comes before the recipient, and an effective date is not included, too - this is not the best case, according to White, Vanc, & Stafford (2014). Mrs. Sindaha is ignorant of revising the memo, and therefore, the gramma is very poor. Structure of sentences, the use of words, and punctuations make the memo a hard to read. Ideas are mixed up, which will lose interest in reading (Guffey, 2012). According to Hamilton (2013), a good memo should be valid through perfect language and grammar. From the memo, the manager says that everyone should clean himself. The message of such a sentence lacks proper details of what should be cleaned. This ends up creating a rude message that employees are not clean and should check on their self neatness. Also, the language is biased. Such jeopardize affects the effectiveness of the reaction that would be taken by the employees.


FROM: Albertina Sindaha, Operation Manager

TO: All employees

DATE: Current date

SUBJECT: Commendation in the Organization Cleanup


As a reminder of what we all now, we do not have enough custodial budget resources anymore, and the cleaning services have seized in the organization. This message, therefore, reminds every worker that now it is your responsibility to clean your places of work. The organization is sorry for this change, and upon having the budgetary resources, there will be normalization of cleaning services.

Meanwhile, I request that everyone participate in maintaining a clean environment like it would be if the cleaning services could still be availed. Please let us all adhere to the usual cleaning elements within and outside our working place and machines. Due to the inconveniences met last Friday, the organization may developpe a cleaning schedule to ensure the efficiency of employees' turns up to the action. However, such a schedule will not be important upon noticing the interest of employees in cleaning.

I hope that this message is conveyed to every employee in the organization. I look forward to having a clean organizational environment through your continued cooperation. Thank you.


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