Course Work on Management Example: Roanoke Branch Problem Investigation

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Date:  2021-06-17

There has been a concern within operations at our Roanoke branch based in Virginia. Clients of Roanoke have criticized the advertising work produced. Most the top management employees have left and several more employees are threatening to quit.

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The most promenade complaint is lack of recognition and appreciation. Our focus for this branch is to make more earnings by taking on more customers. We are attempting to reach this objective without scrutinizing the effect of new accounts on the current staff. The amount of work that is needed to make a turnaround will leave employees working for more hours without any additional benefits. The Roanoke branch cliental declines rapidly due to lack of enthusiasm from employees. We have proposed this study to analyze what caused the decline of moral in the employees of the Roanoke branch. The effects on the business and what we can do to solve this problem.

Problem Investigation

The concerns within operations at our Roanoke branch need to be addressed as soon as possible. The company is in no position to lose more employees or its clients. Both subjective and objective methods were used during the investigation. Interviews and observations were the subjective methods and surveys were the objective methods used. In the course of the interview period, our Vice president of the Human Resource Department was able to answer why workers have not been compensated for working overtime. They also deciphered whether the companies policies, contract terms and state laws are followed. It was also noted if the salary configurations of Roanoke and Phoenix branches are different. The disclosed information of which position within the branch reviews the account process and follows our procedure for shutting down completed accounts. Also to see if the same position is responsible for accepting new customers and follows our procedure. We gave questionnaires to the employees during the surveys as well. We wanted to ensure that each were able to express their reason for complaints. The questionnaires are also tools to retrieve insight as to why management officials left the branch and influences their departure made. Questionnaires were given to employees during the survey and they were able to answer the following questions; are they being overworked? Did the top management officials leave willingly?Are the employment terms and conditions being followed?. The clients were also able to answer the following questions:Are they being served up to their satisfaction? Is the companys service same as before? Are there any changes in the company? Are the changes good or bad? Consistent with my Observations, I noticed that the employees of the firm were not appropriately handling the Clients and were deviating from the companys policies.


In relation to my investigations, I discovered that employees worked overtime and were not compensated. The company-approved allowances set in place for the worker are low in comparison to the work done. Salary inducements had no regular review period even when there was a mandatory increase in their workload.

The breakdown in the fulfillment of our companies policies have led to Inadequate quality of work, the failure of productivity and loss of clients. All of the issues within the business has significantly reduced the revenue at our Roanoke branch.


The firm should focus on increasing revenue at the Roanoke branch without overworking our employees to make it happen. As an alternative, the employees need to be motivated so that they can work they produce is their best. The company should review salary caps and provide a better incentive package on a regular basis. Overtime has to be compensated to stay in accordance with all laws. All employees within the company should be given a company allowance and allowed a set amount of leave yearly. This would be a step in the right direction to the revamping of the Roanoke branch and our company.


In summary, employees are a major part of the growth and success of our company. We have to make boosting morale and motivating staff a priority in the future. Without staff that are willing to produce quality work at a contestant rate, the poor performances in the past will cause the rapid deterioration of our company.

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