Kenny's Transformational Leadership Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-27

1-How do you explain Kenny's acceptance by so many other people and the respect they have for him?

Kenny receives acceptance from many other people because he poses a straight-forward character with the people he is supervising. He uses effective communication skills by telling them exactly what he expects from them, how he wants goals and objectives meet, and he listens to their complaints and grievances within the plant (Mosley, 2015). His approach to talking to his juniors earns him a lot of respect because he does not talk at them, rather he talks to them. He earns respect among the people he is supervising because he does not impose changes on them but, discusses the implications of change with his team and lets them argue their opinion during discussion forums. Through effective listening and communication skills, Kenny has been able to earn the respect and liking from so many to people within the plant and also transform the lowest performing crew into the most productive and best performing because of his ability to listen and give everyone an equal chance.

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2-Can all supervisors operate the way Kenny does and be effective? Explain your answer

Kenny has very effective leadership styles that can be emanated by many supervisors and other leaders in his capacity to enhance workable changes and the effectiveness of their leadership. Many leaders would adopt this style of leadership to gain positive effects of their leadership practices effectively. However, the application of Kenny's leadership styles can fail to be effective in certain leadership situations. For instance, he was not able to administer what he wants to be done effectively at the start of his assignment with the "Hell's Angels" crew immediately he had to take his time to learn and understand their characteristics and also know the challenges affecting them with time to be able to incorporate his style of leadership after long durations of meeting with them. Convincingly he is able to get them to experiment his way of leadership for a period of one week to evaluate the practicability of his suggestions. Therefore, for any leader to adopt his style of leadership for effective results needs to patiently integrate a number of practices to achieve positive results. W5

3-Given Kenny's effectiveness in his present job, would you recommend promoting him to high levels of management? Explain.

Kenny's result oriented performance warrant him a promotion for higher positions in the management levels because of the effectiveness of his job in the current position. He has recorded the best performing crew despite the situation or composition of the crew members he has shown commendable leadership skills. Even when presented with the hardest position to lead the most challenging crew he is able to transform it into the best performing crew (Mosley, 2015). This effectiveness warrants him to get a promotion to move from heading a single crew to a higher level management position that would see the organization/plant benefit from his abilities and skills to increase the performance of the entire plant or more than one department. However, Kenny is performing very well in his capacity may be promoting him to a higher level of management post would come with higher expectations limiting his hands-on effectiveness.

4-Review the characteristics of transformational leadership (Exhibit 8-6), adaptive leadership, and servant leadership (Exhibit 8-9). Which characteristics apply to Kenny?

Kenny depicts many characteristics of the three leadership styles; adaptive leadership, transformation, and servant leadership. When assuming transformation leadership traits Kenny relates to the crew he is assigned by listening to their complaints and also treating his crew members equally and fairly. Showing this transformation leadership skills he is able to transform the 'Hell Angels' crew from the bad attitude and previous fighting characteristics to the best performing crew. Through listening and equal treatment, he is able to unleash the full potential of the groups' potential. Consequently, depicting his adaptive leadership skills when he was assigned the 'hell angels' crew he took his time to adapt to their way of practice looking closely at their potential and possibilities of making the group perform better. Again, Kenny shows servant leadership abilities because of his commitment to building teamwork among his crew members and treating them fairly and trusting their potential on the tasks assigned to them.


Mosley, Donald C. (2015). Supervisory Management: Chapter 8 Leadership. Stanford: Cengage Learning, 273.

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